5 Beginner Triathlon Tips That All Triathletes Should Know

5 Beginner Triathlon Tips That All Triathletes Should Know

Felt Bicycles (United States) - Press Release: We’re partnering with a few members of the Every Man Jack triathlon team to bring you a new informative series on getting into multi-sport racing, building a training plan, and balancing your athletic goals with everything else going on in your life. This edition comes courtesy of Greg Grosicki.

Here’s a bit of info about Greg:

Greg Grosicki is entering his 10th year of triathlon racing and his 6th year with Team Every Man Jack. He is a Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory in the Biodynamics and Human Performance Center at Georgia Southern University in Savannah, Georgia. Greg is also an endurance coach, where he works with amateur and professional runners, cyclists and triathletes. Last year Greg and his wife, Briana, welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world. His goals for the 2020 calendar year include surviving Every Man Jack training camp, competing in Ironman Texas, and winning a 5k while pushing his daughter, Grace, in a stroller. (Photo: Talbot Cox)

Greg’s Top 5 Things Novice Triathletes Should Know:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. By and large, triathletes are a friendly bunch, and most are more than happy to give advice (sometimes overly so). Seek out a local club, starting with your local triathlon bike shop.
  2. A good coach can make a huge difference. Even for someone like me, who has a PhD in Exercise Physiology who also works as a coach myself, it can be difficult to view one’s training objectively. A good coach will do that for you. And that will not only greatly simplify your own training, but the rest of your life!
  3. Be patient. The greatest predictor of success in triathlon is consistency.
  4. Don’t feel like you have to jump into long-course racing (half- and full-Ironman-distance) right out of the gates (or at all). In triathlon, there is a certain prestige around racing an Ironman. But the fact of the matter is that racing an Ironman doesn't make you a better triathlete! Find the distance that is right for you.
  5. I know it may sound corny, but don’t forget that triathlon is supposed to be FUN. Even after doing this for 10 years, I often find myself getting frustrated or depressed when training is not going well. That’s when you know it’s time to take a deep breath and gain some perspective. Finding a group of friends, or a team to train with and keep you motivated, can be huge here.

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