5 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Bicycle Accident

5 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Bicycle Accident

[Article]: 5 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Bicycle Accident

Data shows that around 54.7 million people in the US use bicycles. 

As more people have started riding bikes, the number of accidents is rising. 

Here are some statistics to consider:

  • Every year in the United States, more than 130,000 bike riders are hurt in accidents on roads.

  • Around 1,000 cyclists lose their lives in road accidents every year.

Considering these numbers, it is important for cyclists to be prepared and informed about what steps to take immediately following an accident. 

By knowing what to do, you can easily deal with the situation. Also, it is important to contact a bicycle accident lawyer if the crash wasn't your fault. 

Here are five important actions to take without delay after a bicycle accident.

Check for injuries and move to a safe place:

After a bike accident, the first thing you need to do is check for injuries. Start by checking if you or anyone else's hurt. If there are minor injuries, move to a safe spot away from traffic. This helps clear the area on the road and prevent more accidents. 

But when the injury is severe, and you cannot move, stay there, as moving can cause more damage. In such cases, you need to call the police and get immediate medical help. 

Make sure you don't flee the accident scene. This can get you into trouble. Stay calm, check for injuries and move to a safe place to avoid any further problems.  

Call the police:

Once you are at a safe place, call the police or 911. If you can't do it, ask a witness for help. The 911 operator will figure out what kind of help you need and send police, fire, or medical help accordingly.

A police officer will write a report about what happened. This report can support your side if you need to talk to your insurance company or go to court later. The police will also make sure the driver and any witnesses give accurate information.

When talking to the police about the crash, never say it's your fault. You might think you did something wrong but later find out the driver caused it. This happens because cyclists sometimes aren't sure of their rights on the road. Even if you think you're wrong, your actions might be legal. So, it's best not to admit fault until you know all the facts.

Get medical help:

After a bicycle accident, it's important to get medical help as soon as you can or when you start feeling pain. Your body might be in shock right after the crash, so seeing a doctor can help check for serious injuries.

If you wait to get medical help, it could make it harder to prove your injuries later for insurance or court. Without medical records showing your injuries right after the crash, it might be tough to link any later problems back to the crash.

Crashes between bikes and cars often lead to severe injuries like broken bones, cuts on the face, neck and back problems, and head injuries. If you think you have symptoms of a head injury, go to the ER right away to get checked.

Get the driver's information and collect evidence:

Next, you need to exchange information with the driver. Get their name, address, phone number, insurance details, driver's license number, license plate number, and car make and model. Also, if the driver doesn't own the car, get the owner's info. 

You also need to start collecting the evidence. If you're able to stay at the scene, start gathering evidence right away. Take photos and videos if it's safe, including your bike damage, the vehicle involved, injuries, the road, and any debris. A bike accident lawyer can help you with evidence collection. 

Apart from this, you also need to get witness details. They can provide important information about what happened, especially if the driver is distracted or unaware. Even if you know the crash details, witnesses can support your story if the driver changes theirs later for insurance or court. Get names, addresses, numbers, and business cards if possible.

Contact a bike accident lawyer:

Once you've completed the initial steps, your final action should be to contact a local bicycle accident law firm. They can guide you on what to do next and discuss the specifics of your accident. If someone else caused the accident, you might be owed compensation for your injuries or property damage.

A bike accident lawyer will help you file for compensation and receive a fair settlement by negotiating with the insurance company. They will protect your rights and make sure you recover from the injuries. 

Wrapping Up:

So, these are the 5 things thing you must do immediately after a bike accident. Make sure you follow these steps and contact a bicycle accident law firm to stay safe and seek compensation for the damages.


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