Acros: "We're Proud to Present Our First Clipless Pedal!"

Acros: "We're Proud to Present Our First Clipless Pedal!"

Acros (Germany) - Press Release: Feeling insecure on the downhills or feeling inefficient when covering distances... Finding the right clipless pedal to suit your riding style, shoe size or level of experience isn't just a chore, sometimes it can feel downright intimidating and scare you off. With our acros clipless pedals we want to take away any fear of the "click" and imbue our “Ride more, worry less” mantra. The acros clipless pedals give you even more options to position your feet, combined with the unbeatable advantage of always being firmly connected with your bike – exactly where you feel most at home.

The difference to traditional clipless pedals can be found inside, where a sleeve lets you adjust the stance of the pedals – the distance between the cleats. This 5 mm adjustability per pedal can make the difference between confidently launching yourself into the next rock garden or coming to a stop nervously in front of it. At the same time, a 10 mm reduction in stance can also deliver the last bit of efficiency to help you climb the final summit. In times of Super Boost rear ends, riders with large feet have less freedom of movement and can often end up rubbing their feet against the chainstays. Here too, the 10 mm adjustment could make a decisive difference.

Alongside the internal adjustment, we’ve furnished the acros clipless pedals with 4 stainless steel pins each, which deliver grip even when you're not clipped in. As is typical for acros, our clipless pedals are also equipped with high-quality bearings and bushings, and are triple-sealed to prevent dirt and moisture getting inside. We put functionality first, meaning that the svelte black-on-black elegance of our clipless pedals has nothing to hide. On top of that, our acros clipless pedals are equipped with carbon-reinforced skid plates, which make getting into them easy despite the stainless pins. Like all high-end clipless pedals, preload and the force required to exit the pedals can be adjusted seamlessly, allowing even clipless newbies to dismount in any situation. All acros clipless pedals are delivered with matching cleats. Thanks to their SPD compatibility, you can also use standard SPD cleats – the swap couldn't be simpler.

For anyone who likes to be securely connected to their bike and wants to be able to adjust their pedal to their personal preferences, our clipless pedal is exactly the right thing. For anyone else who wants to skid into the next trail and feel the ground under their feet, our proven acros flat pedal remain the best choice.

  • adjustable stance (distance to crank)
  • SPD clipless mechanism with adjustable retention force
  • skid plates for easier entry
  • four stainless steel pins per pedal
  • high-quality bearing and bushing
  • triple sealing

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