Addmotor Triketan M-330F vs. Sixthreezero Easy Transit Folding 750W Electric Tricycle

Addmotor Triketan M-330F vs. Sixthreezero Easy Transit Folding 750W Electric Tricycle

[Article]: Addmotor Triketan M-330F vs. Sixthreezero Easy Transit Folding 750W Electric Tricycle

Getting a personal transportation option is an important decision to stand out by saving time, energy, and money. People want a highly portable, efficient, and cost-effective transportation option for a better lifestyle. Here electric trikes fit as the best travel companion. 

People are moving towards electric trikes because of their advanced features and performance. It is essential to understand the features and specifications to make a decision. This article will compare two efficient folding electric trikes to understand which suits your preferences. 


E-Trike Basic Specifications:


Triketan M-330F

Easy Transit


Expert Comments



Samsung Lithium-ion

48V 10.4AH Lithium

Triketan electric trike runs approximately double than Sixthreezero electric trike. Lithium-ion battery rated for 1000-1500 charging cycles.


48V*750W Rear-Mounted Motor 

48V*750W Front-Wheel Drive

Both folding electric trikes offer 750W motors, but the Triketan M-330F electric trike has a rear-mounted motor, which ensures higher stability than a front-mounted motor. 


112 lbs

62 lbs

Triketan M-330F is heavier than the Easy Transit 750W electric trike. 


85+ Miles

25 - 40 Miles

Triketan M-330F’s range is almost double compared to Sixthreezero Trike, which helps you enjoy traveling miles without feeling tired. 

Pedal Assist

Yes, 7 Level


Both folding electric trikes offer a pedal-assist system for effortless riding. 




The throttle helps riders to enjoy riding without using the pedals. 




The riders can effectively handle the terrain by adjusting the gears. 




Both electric trikes are offering value for money. 


Benefits of Pedal Assist Torque Sensor:

Precise Power Supply: The torque sensor ensures precise power supply when the rider pedals the electric trike. The sensor responds quickly, even if the rider moves the pedal at least 20 degrees. The sensor precisely measures the power applied to pedals while riding and supplies accurate power.

Improved Range: The sensor has 36 torque sensing points, which work immediately with the pedaling and ensure an accurate power supply. The accurate power supply saves power that the rider can use to cover more miles.

Rear Mounted vs. Front Mounted Motor:

The rear-mounted motor helps the rider by providing better stability. The rear-mounted motor makes the rear part of the trike heavier, which makes the trike more stable. The rear-mounted motor effectively pushes the rider on every surface with better safety. On the other side, the front-mounted motor is placed in the front part of the trike. The installation and maintenance of the front-mounted motor is simple and easy. Front-mounted motor electric trikes are suitable for people looking for safe, effective, and budget-friendly riding options for a casual ride.  

Safety Features:


Triketan M-330F

Easy Transit


Expert Comments


Front & Rear Disc Brake

Front & Rear Disc Brake

Both foldable electric trikes offer an efficient brake system to keep the rider safe on every surface type.  

Parking Brakes



Addmotor offers a parking brake for safe and secure riding. 




Addmotor Triketan folding electric trike offers a differential to make riding stable and safe. 

Maximum Capacity

450 lbs

350 lbs

Triketan M-330F offers better cargo capacity, which enables riders to carry whatever they want under the payload limit. 


Addmotor 5-Inch LCD 


The display indicates the trike’s status to avoid inconvenience


The Pros of Mechanical Disc Brakes:

  • Cost Effective: Mechanical brakes are more cost-effective and efficient than other braking systems. 

  • Easy Maintenance: The maintenance, like cleaning and replacing a part is easy in the mechanical disc brakes. 

  • Simple Installation: Installing a mechanical disc brake is an easier process than installing hydraulic brakes. People with less experience can also install a mechanical disc brake. 


The Benefits of Folding Electric Trike:

The riders can carry the folding electric trike anywhere and explore more places without spending lots of money on traveling. Also, it requires less storage space. The riders can easily store and park the folding electric trike. 

More Extra E-Trike Features:


Triketan M-330F

Easy Transit


Expert Comments


48V*2.0A 5 Pins, US Standard DC Charger


Both electric trikes offer the same power charger.


Addmotor 25A Controller


The controller ensures precise control and a fast transfer rate. 


20" X 3.0", 30 TPI Fat Tires

16" x 2.125" Kenda Tire

Addmotor Triketan has a wide fat tire for better grip and enhanced traction on every surface type. 


Addmotor 50 mm of Travel

Aluminum Suspension Fork

Suspension absorbs shocks and vibrations while riding on uneven and bumpy terrain to make riding comfortable


Front and Rear 

Front and Rear 

Baskets provide enhanced cargo capacity by offering the space to carry the loads.


Fat Tire vs. Thin Tire Electric Trike:

When considering stability, the fat tire is more stable than thin tires. The large volume of fat tire is connected to the ground and provides a stable ride. On the other hand, thin tires are less responsive than fat tires. The lower portion of the thin tire is connected to the ground. Moreover, the fat tire can absorb the shocks and vibrations better than the thin tires. The fat tire is more comfortable on uneven or rough terrain, but the thin tire requires a well-maintained road for a smoother and comfortable ride. 

Basic Service:


Triketan M-330F

Easy Transit


Expert Comments




Warranty gains the trust of the rider. The addmotor’s warranty period is double compared to the Easy Transit 750W electric trike.


14 days

30 days

The brand offers easy returns, but they have the power to deduct the specific amount mentioned in the terms and conditions. 


Note: The basic services are covered under the terms and conditions. We suggest you read the terms and conditions carefully before buying an electric trike. 



Folding electric trikes are highly portable and enable riders to carry their trikes. Both electric trikes are highly portable. Addmotor is an expensive one, but it offers advanced features that justify the price. Addmotor Triketan M-330F folding electric trike is highly portable and versatile. The trike is perfect for every occasion. So, choose the best electric trike, which enhances your riding experience. 

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