Against the cold: Siroko Deep Winter Cycling Collection

Against the cold: Siroko Deep Winter Cycling Collection

Siroko (Spain) - In many parts of the world, the arrival of winter means the end of the cycling season. In the northernmost areas, this happens even earlier in the year. Fewer daylight hours, lower temperature, rain, snow, wind… There is little motivation to go out for a ride.

This Deep Winter Collection has been designed to protect yourself from really harsh, cold weather, and at Siroko we don’t want your lack of proper equipment to be a reason to stay at home. Now you can practice cycling on the coldest winter days and make the most out of it with our top apparel and gear. And this doesn’t mean just a quick ride around your neighborhood but also riding against the wind and under near freezing temperatures while still feeling warm and comfortable.

The two following garments, a jacket and a pair of bib tights, have been designed for men, but this doesn’t mean female cyclists can’t wear them. We’ll be adding specific styles for women in the future, but for now, if the size is right and you’re comfortable with the chamois, go ahead. The rest of the garments and accessories listed here are all unisex. Now, let’s go into detail:

Deep Winter jacket:

Picture a jacket that’s like a barrier, a fortress designed to resist really low temperatures and strong winds. That’s what our Deep Winter jacket is like. It features a paneled design made of different types of fabrics in order to guarantee the utmost warmth, protection and thermal comfort, while providing great ease of movement. There’s no use in an extremely thick and heavily insulated jacket if your comfort gets compromised as a result.

The main panels are made of a three-layer softshell fabric that includes a 10k water-resistant membrane, plus a DWR water-repellent coating with grade 5 in water-repellency spray test.

The chest area and the forearms are well protected thanks to 3M™ insulation panels with water resistance up to 3k and made of recycled polyester.

The softshell fabric on the side panels and upper back is two-layer. Thanks to its 10k breathability rating, together with laser-cut underarm perforations, this garment wicks away moisture to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of being wet and cold. These panels also feature a water-repellent coating with grade 5 in water-repellency spray test.

Here are the rest of the features:

  • Two-way SBS zippers, easily accessible even when our hands get cold.
  • Reflective detailing to make yourself visible on the road.
  • Three easily accessible pockets plus a small zippered pocket.
  • Silicone elastic band at the bottom hem to keep the jacket in place while riding.
  • Wide, elastic cuffs that can be used either under or on top of your cycling gloves to prevent wind from getting inside.

Deep Winter bib tights:

This is not your average pair of bib tights. Thick, brushed fabric, high cut suspenders for extra protection on the stomach and lower back, water-repellent treatment with grade 4, a longer front zipper for easy access… Your body will be eternally grateful for these bib tights.

In addition, they are easy to put on and take off and stay in place thanks to the elastic cuff at the ankles. We have also designed water-resistant panels around the shins and lumbar area to protect you from splashes from the front and rear wheels. Needless to say, these bib tights also feature reflective detailing on both legs to make sure you’re visible at all times in all circumstances.

These bib tights also feature a double density Strato+ chamois made of Belgian Recticel material. And in order to provide excellent breathability and comfort we have mesh panels on the back and flat seams to prevent any discomfort.

Deep Winter socks and overshoes:

In winter, your feet usually get colder than the rest of your body, which is why they have to be well protected. A pair of comfortable socks like our new Deep Winter model made of 57% merino wool would be a great choice to begin with. This natural fiber is insulating and thermo-regulating, and not only will keep your feet warm, but also prevent bad odor thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Polyamide and elastane provide compression and elasticity in these mid-cut socks. Just like the other Siroko socks designs, our Deep Winter models also include an elastic arch band and a Y-Shaped heel for a perfect fit that prevents them from moving around and bunching in the shoes.

To reach full foot protection, we have also designed Deep Winter overshoes, which can be compared to a warm and aerodynamic sleeping bag for your shoes. They are made of a thermo-insulating, breathable, three-layer fabric, designed in a 3D structure. This means that in between your shoes and the outside there is an air chamber where the heat, but not humidity, gets trapped. That way, your feet will stay warm and dry. For those particularly humid days, these overshoes offer 10k water-resistance, SBS water-proof zippers and sealed seams.

Here are the rest of the features:

  • Openings to fit over your shoe’s cleat and heel.
  • Reinforced heel and sole to prevent wear and tear.
  • High-cut with elastic cuff for a perfect fit.
  • Fabric zipper pulls to make them easier to put on and take off.
  • Reflective detailing on the sides.

Deep Winter gloves:

If having cold and numb feet is uncomfortable; this happening to your hands is also dangerous. Warm hands make any cyclist happy, but most importantly it’s safer since you won’t be distracted by how cold you are, keeping you fully concentrated on the road. It also helps you brake easily and efficiently. The same goes to handling the gearshift, the handlebar or simply reaching to grab some food or your water bottle. You need full control of your hands and fingers even to pull a zipper up or down…

In order to guarantee proper thermal protection, the Deep Winter gloves feature 3M™ insulation and are made of two-layer softshell fabric with 10k water-resistance. Depending on how cold the weather conditions are, you can use these gloves on their own or over our Nuremberg cycling gloves.

Here are the rest of their features:

  • Silicone reinforced palm and fingers (index and ring) to guarantee a perfect grip on the handlebars, the gearshift and brake levers.
  • Long elastic cuffs to protect the wrists and fit them under or over the jacket.
  • Touch screen compatible.
  • Reflective detailing on the fingers.
  • Glove hook to attach them to each other and prevent from getting misplaced, also allowing for practical storage.

Deep Winter handlebar mitts:

Some cyclists might consider this accessory as going a bit overboard, but at Siroko we don’t want to fall short when it comes to protecting your hands because, as we just explained above, they are crucial to practice cycling in the utmost comfort and safety.

These handlebar mitts are clearly not an accessory designed for the mediterranean region, but cycling is a prominent sport also up in the northern areas of the world, and there are a lot of cyclists looking for maximum protection for their hands. Our Deep Winter handlebar mitts are the answer.

Thanks to their 10k water-resistance and thermal insulating fabric these mitts guarantee extra protection that makes the difference. They feature reflective detailing on the sides and elastic cuffs to slide your hands in and out with ease, adapting to the position of your arm and preventing cold, wind and water from getting in.

They are attached to the handlebars with Velcro, but keep in mind that they are not compatible with all types of bikes. They are only suitable for road/gravel bikes with curved handlebars and either mechanical or electronic shifting, making sure the cables are well tucked.

In a nutshell, Siroko’s Deep Winter collection is the most perfect shield to protect you from freezing winds or snow. Although, let’s be honest: going back home completely dry after spending 2-3 hours under the rain is mission impossible. However, keeping the rain aside, protecting yourself from the cold is a matter of wearing the right clothing and equipment. Our main purpose with this collection is to make sure any cyclist feels comfortable and safe enough to go for a ride in near 0ºC temperatures. If you’re using the proper clothing and equipment, as well as preparing your bike, only heavy downpour or a big snowstorm can stop you from going for a ride.

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