Another Novelty in the Selle SMP F Range: the F20 and F20c are Here!

Another Novelty in the Selle SMP F Range: the F20 and F20c are Here!

Selle SMP (Italy) - Press Release: Last year, we presented the F30 and F30c for the first time and this year, at Eurobike 2019, we introduced the new F20 and F20c saddles. We never stop at Selle SMP!

The new patented ergonomic design:

The saddles in the F range feature a design that is different to that of other Selle SMP saddles. However, the most discerning of you will already know that they are not totally different. This patented design was created specifically for cyclists who want maximum freedom of movement on the saddle, with no restrictions to forward and backward movements. This special design is ergonomic, ensuring the comfort that has always been a hallmark of Selle SMP saddles. Such comfort is due to its shapes that have been designed with millimetre precision in order to improve blood flow in the perineal and genital area. In this way, any pain, discomfort and numbness disappear and you can perform at your best.

How to choose the right saddle in the F range:
To help you purchase a saddle in this range, we recommend that you first take your ischial bone measurement.

When you have this measurement, you can choose a saddle while bearing in mind that:

  • The F20 and F20c models adapt to your body if your ischial bone measurement is between 9 and 11.5 cm.
  • The F30 and F30c models adapt to your body if your ischial bone measurement is from 11.5 cm upwards.


Another difference to consider: the compact version. The F30c and F20c are shorter than the F30 and F20.

Some other good reasons for choosing them:

  • Like the F30 and F30c models, the F20 and F20c also adapt to men and women.
  • You can mount these saddles on: racing bikes, MTBs, cyclocross bikes, e-bikes and gravel bikes. We recommend our compact versions for triathlons: the F20c and F30c.
  • These saddles are handmade by Selle SMP craftsmen at our headquarters in the province of Padua.
  • The materials used are meticulously selected and they are “Made in Italy“. Your safety and comfort are highly important to us.


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