Article by Siroko: Christmas gift ideas for every budget

Article by Siroko: Christmas gift ideas for every budget

Siroko (Spain) - Christmas, that time of year when we dive into an ocean of twinkling lights, catchy carols and the rush to find the perfect gift. The time when we face the nerve-wracking challenge of standing in endless lines at shopping malls or counting on the miracle of getting the package delivered on time. Who doesn’t love that wonderful feeling of surfing the web for hours, only to discover that the perfect gift is out of stock or that the delivery time is so long that we’d get it around Easter? All for the sake of the Christmas spirit and the joy of seeing the expression of excitement and surprise on the face of our loved ones… if you manage to get the gift right, of course.

To make it easier for you, we have put together a list of Siroko products organized by price range. Let’s get going!

Gifts under 20 euros:


3-pack of socks for casual, everyday use:

SRX cycling socks made of merino wool:

Warm and comfortable knee high socks for winter sports:

Neck warmers:

SRX cycling neck warmer: 

Kids’ neck warmer for boys and girls:


Stainless steel water bottle to stay hydrated each and every day:

Siroko 500 ml or 750 ml cycling bidon:

Chamois anti-chafing cream:

Gifts from 20 to 50 euros:

Sweatshirts & hoodies:


Sweatpants & joggers:

Winter sports and thermal apparel & accessories:

Thermal base layer pants:



Windbreaker jackets for running & outdoor sports:

Cycling clothing & accessories:

K3 and K3S cycling sunglasses:

Thermal base layer tops:

Windbreaker cycling vests for men and women:

Winter cycling gloves:

Gifts from 50 to 100 euros:

Sherpa jackets:

Ski & snowboard goggles:

Kids’ jackets for girls and boys:

Coach jackets:

J1 cycling jackets:

Cycling helmet with MIPS Safety System:

Gifts over 100 euros:

Winter sports clothing:

Ski & snowboard W2 jacket:

Ski & snowboard pants and bibs:

Kids’ jackets for girls and boys:

Cycling apparel:

Road cycling shoes:

SRX cycling bib tights for men and women:

SRX Ultra Warm thermal cycling vest:

J3 premium winter cycling jacket:

These are just a few ideas, mainly focused on the time of year we are in, but in our online store you will find many more products for winter sports, cycling and everyday, casual wear that will help you survive the holiday season once again. You won’t have to put up with crowds that defy the laws of physics and, if you plan ahead, your order will arrive on time. Whatever the case, thank you for trusting Siroko to make your loved ones happy this holiday season.

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