Article By Siroko: Sports tourism: More than just a trip, A whole adventure

Article By Siroko: Sports tourism: More than just a trip, A whole adventure

Siroko (Spain) - If you’re reading this right now, you’re most likely a sports enthusiast, let it be any cycling discipline, running, fitness, snowboarding or skiing. You love traveling for sure, no matter the distance, and, more often than not, your goal is to practice that sport you can’t stop thinking about. The combination of these two amazing things, sports and traveling, is what we call ‘sports tourism’.

At Siroko, we’re just like you, and even while navigating through our busy lives, we can’t stop moving. We find the meaning of life in sports and traveling – there’s no better feeling than getting to explore the world while enjoying your favorite activity or even a completely different discipline. A whole adventure indeed.

Now, what exactly is ‘sports tourism’? The answer is quite simple: It’s more than just walking around cities, exploring museums or sunbathing at the beach. It’s all about diving deeper into the whole experience and your surroundings, either by foot, on the bike, skiing or whatever you can think of. Instead of just passing by, observing and taking photos, you experience the adrenaline of sports and breathe in the excitement that each and every activity brings about.

And why is sports tourism so popular right now? You see, nowadays, people are starting to realize that life is so much more than work and being stuck in a rut. We would all love to get away from that, right? So, the way to climb out of a slump is to practice your favorite sport in a completely different environment from what you’re used to. An exciting change, an energy shot with each adventure; that’s what sports tourism feels like.

Sports tourism lets us live real, tangible experiences, and that’s what we love about it the most. This incredible feeling of traveling along a beautiful path, no matter how short or how long, whether you go by foot or on your bike, while discovering a world you could have never imagined existed out there. So it’s not just about seeing, it’s about experiencing. Opening up to new cultures, new lifestyles, means broadening your horizons and the way you see the world.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the bonds you make with people along the way. Meeting locals that share your passion for sports or adventure is a beautiful thing. It makes you feel like you belong to a worldwide community of sport lovers, sharing many different roads and paths.

Sports tourism is the best and most complete travel package: you get to explore, to get out of the routine, to challenge yourself and to get to know amazing people, all while keeping your body in shape. Now, equipment is crucial. You must be prepared for absolutely everything, and make some research on the type of terrains you will be dealing with, as well as any obstacles you might stumble upon along the way. If you’re planning on walking, you obviously need proper footwear that is not only comfortable but also compatible with the type of surface you will be walking on. If you’re planning on riding a bike, the helmet is your best friend, and so is a well-adjusted bike – this way you can save yourself from possible injuries or discomfort. Beware: do not use footwear, clothing or accessories for the first time while practicing sports tourism.

Choosing the right clothing is crucial, as it works as your second skin. If you’re planning on doing the Camino de Santiago or a similar long-distance route, think about the multiple different climate conditions you might encounter. Make sure your layers are water- and wind-resistant, and protect yourself with a good, breathable, waterproof jacket.

If you’re dealing with snowy weather, get yourself geared up for the cold. Thermal garments are a must: Wear inner layers that retain body heat plus a good, warm, snuggly jacket.

But hey, don’t forget about the pants! To walk, wear a pair that adapts easily to your movements and doesn’t get in the way. For winter sports on the snow, make sure the trousers are waterproof and have thermal insulation. On the bike, get a pair of bib tights with a good chamois, and if you also need some extra storage, go for cycling cargo pants with multiple pockets.

Something that most people always seem to forget are technical base layers that wick away moisture. They are essential to make sure you’re comfortable, especially if you’re sweating buckets while riding up a mountain pass, bearing in mind you’ll have to descend too, all sweaty and uncomfortable. They are also crucial for the winter, to retain your body heat.

Also, never underestimate the importance of high-quality socks. A good pair of hiking or cycling socks will prevent blisters, while making you feel like your feet are surrounded by cotton clouds.

Plus, accessories really make the difference. For the snow, it’s essential to bring a pair of waterproof gloves plus ski goggles. While on the bike, a thermal skull cap or a classic cycling cap, depending on the weather, will protect your head. Also, don’t forget to wear a pair of sunglasses wide enough to protect your eyes completely from the sun, the wind and insects.

And finally, some advice. First of all, take care of your body. Right before jumping on a new adventure, see your doctor to make sure your body is in good shape, and pack a first-aid kit. If you’re planning on traveling quite a long distance, get medical insurance, just in case. In certain parts of the world, it might also be mandatory to get a vaccine as a preventive measure.

We also recommend you don’t travel on your own, but with either two or three people or in a bigger group. Company makes this experience not only much richer and fun, but also safer, as in case of an accident it can basically save your life.

And finally, if you don’t have time to plan the whole trip by yourself and would rather rely on someone else’s help, there are companies, clubs, and people specialized in sports tourism. You can have your bags carried in between accommodation changes, a professional cyclist to show you around the best routes and spots in the area, or a complete holiday package that allows you to fully and carefree enjoy your favorite sport.

In a nutshell, sports tourism has been gaining popularity because it meets the modern traveler’s need for active, authentic experiences that are socially and culturally connected. The combination of sport, adventure, wellbeing and discovery makes this way of traveling all the more attractive. If you feel like joining this movement, do not forget that equipment is key. It’s not something you wear to feel good, it’s your adventure armor. Invest in quality. Think about functionality. And most importantly, enjoy your holidays.

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