generated more than 2,3 Milion Euro in Business Leads generated more than 2,3 Milion Euro in Business Leads, the leading Portuguese online bike marketplace, generated more than 2,3 Million Euro (*) in business leads for its users. These numbers have been reached since the launch of the new version of the site in mid-June 2017, meaning the project has generated over 1 million Euro in leads per year.

In this period of just over 2 years, has been visited by over 500.000 people viewing over 2,1 Million pages, mostly classified ads of new and second hand bicycles and other cycling products.

These are numbers that make me very proud and even impressed if I think that we are a very small team, working part-time, with no external investment, with few resources and that for 4 years we offered totally free classifieds services of used products to all our users, both individuals and bicycle shops!

I believe that we have done a very important job for the Bicycle and Cycling market - on, in addition to the announcement of classified ads, we also promote cycling events and news about the bicycle market and cycling.

I am confident that more and more bicycle users, shops, brands and other companies in the area will come to the conclusion that they should also think about when they decide to promote their company, products, events and services online” , explains Nuno Matos, founder of the project.



(*) This calculation only includes opportunities generated through contacts of interest, not visits to businesses’ websites with Online Shop mode activated or who have promoted through the various advertising zones available. The actual value will therefore be well above the 2,3 Million Euro reported.

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