BikePacking the Stagecoach 400 with Spinergy Wheels

BikePacking the Stagecoach 400 with Spinergy Wheels

Spinergy (United States) - Press Release: Bikepacking 400 Miles on Bullet-Proof Spinergy MXX30 Wheels.

Spinergy interviews Matteo Pistono to discuss his upcoming Stagecoach 400 race, his history with Spinergy, and his new Spinergy MXX30 wheels.

Stagecoach 400 is a self-supported bike-packing route that is 400 miles with 30,000 feet of climbing. It incorporates the Alpine mountains around Idylwild, moving down across the desert in Anza, followed by a trek towards the Pacific coast all while moving through various ecosystems in this unique southern California region. Pistono completed the race last year in 3 and a half days, 24 hours off his previous time. (He makes a nod to his trusty nutrition system of burritos and chocolate milk.)

Pistono has been using Spinergy for four years. In fact, he used the Spinergy GX alloy wheels at his first Stagecoach race. Having hammered the wheels on his Canyon Hardtail, he was pleasantly surprised that they never got damaged.

This year he heads into Stagecoach with his green-spoked (he calls them “pistachio-flavored”) Spinergy MXX30 wheels. The new Spinergy MXX30 are lightweight, bomb-proof carbon fiber mountain bike wheels with a 30mm internal rim width. They come standard with Spinergy’s improved hub design, the "44" hub, which boasts bigger, beefier internals plus 108 points of engagement to help generate more torque and transfer of power for out of saddle efforts.

Pistono says he values durability in his equipment especially with wheels: “I want something that I can trust. And when we’re going down things like Oriflamme Canyon, or going across the desert where there’s sand, and you don’t know what’s out there. And you're also riding at night so you’re going to end up just smacking things, so I need to have something I can trust.”

Pistono is enthusiastic about his upgraded wheels not only due to their lightness, but also their toughness since he packs an extra 35 lbs. of gear on his bike. He has also noticed an elimination of pain and fatigue in his wrists likely due to the vibration damping Spinergy PBO spoke technology.

Three times as strong as steel and just half the weight, PBO spokes are built to last. It takes up to 4,000 lbs. to potentially break a spoke meaning Spinergy wheelsets don’t have a rider weight limit making them a great choice for larger individuals or bikepackers.

Pistono says he rides his bikes hard and has never had to true a wheel in four years of owning Spinergy. Thanks to their durability, the wheels hold up on technical trails and are not susceptible to breaks or cracks. “I’ve got all kinds of confidence in these,” says Pistono. Best of luck to Pistono and all the riders tackling Stagecoach 400!

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