Comfort meets Versatility - SCOTT's New Strike eRIDE

Comfort meets Versatility - SCOTT's New Strike eRIDE

Scott (Switzerland) - Press Release: Comfort Meets Versatility - The Strike eRIDE.

Developed completely from sratch, the new Strike eRIDE comes as a capable and extremely versatile full suspension mountain bike with geometry providing the highest level of comfort. The 2019 Strike eRIDE marks a new chapter for SCOTT`s E-MTB line-up.

For 2019, SCOTT introduces the Strike eRIDE in its E-MTB line-up. With its 140mm geometry and a fully integrated Bosch drive unit, the Strike was developed to fill the gap between the Spark eRIDE and the Genius eRIDE. True to SCOTT’s approach to wheelsize versatility, the Strike eRIDE can swap between 27.5’’ and 29’’ wheels on the same frame. Thanks to its comfortable geometry and ergonomic contact points, it targets both new E-Bike enthusiasts and experimented riders looking for the best combination of comfort and performance.

Technology and Integration:

  • The Strike combines all our knowledge to improve one thing: The ride itself
  • Drive unit covers were developed to protect the drive unit from flying rocks and to ensure a smooth transition with the downtube
  • Perfect integration for a clean and sleek design
  • Battery integration inside the down tube. Easy to remove and install


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