CRATONI C-Vento - The Ideal Helmet for Winners

CRATONI C-Vento - The Ideal Helmet for Winners

CRATONI Helmets (Germany) - When it comes to peak performance, victories and hunting for seconds, it´s all about the details. Made for racing, unfiltered and reduced to the max.

Cratoni Performance combines design at a minimum of weight, intelligent ventilation, perfect fitting and the maximum safety.

The perfect product for winner, summiteer and individuals.


Air Channel Technology:

The incredible feature of a total of 37 ventilation openings speaks a clear language! This tremendous ventilation power, coupled with the ingenious arrangement and surface texture of the longitudinal and transverse struts, reduces air resistance to a minimum. The chassis, which we developed completely new, cuts the airstream in an extremely precise way and allows you to glide along in a controlled and smooth manner. Lab data shows an enormous increase in aerodynamic efficiency compared to all previous models. In addition, the C-Vento features CRATONI Hyper ventilation. The optimally aligned intake vents in the forehead area of the helmet serve to draw in cool air and push it through the air duct matrix for full-head ventilation. On the one hand, this enables an easy inflow and, at the same time, significantly improved air circulation. Numerous tests in wind tunnels, on the track or in the open air, all under real conditions, have confirmed this. We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the riders of the Ghost Factory team for their great cooperation.

Ultra Light - Only 230g:

Every real cyclist knows: the lighter a helmet is, the better it fits too. As a light road bike or triathlon helmet automatically means less mass weighing on the head and neck, which then starts to move when you turn or shake (for example, due to the unevenness of the track). Which is why we only use ultra-light materials such as EPS and polycarbonate in the production of our CRATONI road bike helmets. The result is a lightweight base body that offers maximum protection with the highest impact resistance.

Confortable - Perfect Fit:

Thanks to the Light-Fit-System (LFS), the CRATONI bicycle helmet has various adjustment options and can be fastened or made tighter as required. As a result, it adapts perfectly to any head shape. The chin closure with integrated padding is of course just as easy to operate.

Glassesport - Super Tidy:

The ventilation openings of the C-Vento are not only there so that you always keep a cool head. You can also use them as a holder for your glasses.

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