e-Scorpion, the Brand New Folding Bike Rack to Carry eBikes

e-Scorpion, the Brand New Folding Bike Rack to Carry eBikes

BuzzRack (Taiwan) - When it comes to transport of one heavy bike such as MTB or E-bike, the e-SCORPION 1 would be the supreme choice. High load capacity, fully foldable, easy-to-use with great stability, durability and a touch of simplicity in design.

Technical Specifications:

  • Max number of bikes: 1
  • Max weight per bike: 30kg
  • Max load capacity: 30kg
  • Fits 50mm ISO tow ball: yes
  • Dimensions (width x depth): 134 x 57 cm
  • (measured from the centre of the tow ball mount to the outside edge of the number plate holder).
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Tilting: yes
  • Integrated lighting board: yes
  • Lighting board plug type: 13 pin
  • Bike carrier to tow ball lock: yes
  • Bike carrier to bike lock: yes


The maximum permitted load you can carry is also determined by the tow bar nose weight; you will need to check you don’t exceed this before using any tow ball mounted bike carrier. Requires 65mm clearance from center of tow ball to rear of vehicle.

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