ENVE and EOLO-KOMETA to Continue Winning Ways Through 2023

ENVE and EOLO-KOMETA to Continue Winning Ways Through 2023

Enve (United States) - Press Release: The partnership between ENVE and EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team is set to continue through the 2023 season. So much was achieved in the Italian-registered, Spanish-based team’s first professional season with major successes at the Giro d’Italia, the team’s first-ever Grand Tour. The roots of EOLO-KOMETA lie with the Contador Foundation, which has built the program into what it is today under the watchful eyes of Alberto and Fran Contador. ENVE will continue to be the wheel and component partner, while AURUM bicycles, which Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso co-founded, will continue as the team’s bicycle partner.

Alberto Contador, president of the Foundation, promoter of the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team, and founder of AURUM Bikes: “Being united with such a prestigious brand as ENVE is essential. For a professional team, it is essential to be able to achieve the best possible performance. And such a consolidated brand, with such a high level, with so much engineering behind it, guarantees you to have machines capable of offering the best performance. For us, it is fundamental when facing the big challenges, the big objectives, and also really satisfying when your team is extremely happy with the material. And not only the team, but also through AURUM Bikes and the feedback from the people who choose an ENVE setup. So both at an aesthetic level and above all at a technical and performance level, which is what professional cycling requires, it is great news and a source of pride. And we hope to continue to work together for a long time”.

Image: Maurizio Borserini.

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