From Boots to Winter Shoes: Northwave unveils Extreme GTX with XFrame® Technology

From Boots to Winter Shoes: Northwave unveils Extreme GTX with XFrame® Technology
Northwave (Germany) – At Eurobike, Northwave disclosed three new models characterized by the innovative patented technology that effectively eliminates pressure points on the upper. Along with new top-range MTB shoes, Ghost XC, Northwave introduced its new winter shoes, whose special Climaflex collar changes the game in terms of pedalling action.

A year from the launch of Extreme RR and the debut of XFrame® on the international market, Northwave has returned to Eurobike to present the newest applications of its signature patented technology that effectively cancels all pressure points on the upper, while providing the snuggest fit ever.

Both mountain bike cross country and winter shoes are cycling branches in which Northwave has showed to excel over the years, creating some of the most successful and popular shoes in both worlds. On Thursday August 31st at Eurobike Friedrichshafen, the Italian company unveiled in a press event its newest high-end products, with the ambition of changing the game once again, with Winter shoes Extreme GTX getting their absolute premiere in Friedrichshafen along with Cross Country model Ghost XC.

Extreme GTX with Xframe® and Climaflex: “Zero Pressure”, Full Mobility:
“No more boots, but Winter cycling shoes.” That’s the message effectively expressed by Marketing Manager Michele Battocchio at Eurobike when explaining the idea behind Extreme RR GTX (road) and Extreme XCM GTX (MTB), Northwave’s new high-end winter shoes.

"A recognized specialist in Winter shoes, and the first ever brand in cycling to partner with Gore-Tex in the realization of shoes (2004), Northwave has gone a long way since, extending the partnership with Gore as well as working to create a real Winter shoe range, with different needs and targets specifically addressed: indeed, few other brands can boast as many as eleven winter models in their collection", explained Northwave.

"Northwave’s challenge over the years was to make the transition from Winter boots – in which performance was totally sacrificed to enhance protection and warmth – to Winter cycling shoes that could get the best of both, effectively protecting against cold and weather, but also guaranteeing a level of technicity and performance to destroy the frustration of feeling limitations to the mobility or waste of power", added the company.

"The transition is finally complete: thanks to the XFrame® technology, fit and power won’t disappoint even the most performing riders used to Northwave’s high-end summer shoes, whilst the exclusive Climaflex collar, made in Neoprene with the exclusive Gore-Tex Rattler® membrane, completely changes the game in adherence, flexibility and freedom of movement. Extreme GTX is a full legitimate cycling shoe, dressed for winter (and effectively so): the time of Winter boots is actually behind", they continue.

Comfort and unprecedentes Mobility with the Climaflex Collar:
"The ultimate Climaflex technology removes every distraction from the cycling action in the winter rides: free from overlap and Velcro, Climaflex is designed to deliver unprecedented mobility for the rider, making him feel his winter boots almost like an extension of his legs. Velcro multi-panel collars proved effective against the cold, but at a price of a movement limitation. On the other hand, Climaflex creates a seamless connection with the ankle, also minimizing pressure points. If you wonder how Climaflex fares against the most rigid temperatures and weather, its combination of soft and highly-insulating thermal Neoprene and the elastic Gore-Tex Rattler® membrane in key areas create an effective wind and waterproof shield that keeps feet warm and cozy", they shared.

Xframe Technology:
According to Northwave "with the patented XFrame® technology, Northwave made pressure points a thing of the past, while also delivering the best power transmission though the snuggest fit ever provided. The XFrame® magic is performed through a match of cutting-edge materials and advanced engineering solutions. A multi-layer construction of pure technology provides ultimate softness, enhanced by the cable of Dyneema, with no plastics involved. The cabling system with an advanced frame of angles pulls from both sides by activating the only dial, providing the most even fitting feeling ever".

The Gore-Tex Membrane and the Artic Footbed for Protection against the cold:
"Gore-Tex membranes keep empowering Northwave’s highlight winter boots: this time, it’s the Duratherm Kelvin membrane, laminated to insulating hollow fibres, providing maximum thermal insulation to keep your feet toasty even at -15°. More than that: the membrane is also highly resistant and features an advanced moisture management to keep the skin dry in every condition. Warmth and insulation were focused also in the construction of the warmest footbed ever: a four-layer aluminium and fleece construction, designed to enhance the performance of the membrane to unprecedented thresholds" concluded the Italian Company.

Two soles, one Goal: Performance:
Extreme RR GTX is equipped with Carbon Light outsole, made of carbon and fiberglass, with a stiffness index of 10.0. Instead, MTB model Extreme XCM GTX features a triple-density Speedlight 3D carbon sole, with a carbon insert in the pedal area for enhanced power transmission, and a stiffness index of 12.0.

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