Get Your Heart Rate Elevated - New Wahoo TICKRs Have Arrived

Get Your Heart Rate Elevated - New Wahoo TICKRs Have Arrived

Wahoo (United States) - Press Release: It’s time to welcome TICKR X to our family of heart rate monitors. The TICKR you know and love is loaded with features to help improve your training such as real-time and accurate heart rate and calorie tracking, Bluetooth and ANT+ dual-band technology, Apple Watch integration, and seamless third-party app compatibility. The all-new TICKR X kicks it up a notch with this plus so much more to help take your training, racing, and professional data collecting to the next level. 

So, what’s new about TICKR X? Here’s what you need to know:

A Slimmer Design:

Can we all agree extra tech is best when you forget it’s even there? That’s one of the benefits of TICKR and TICKR X: they’re super light! We even shaved TICKR X down to race weight, taking off more than 10% of the form factor of the pod and strap to help it lay flatter and more comfortably on your chest. No need to adjust it mid-workout. This not only helps reduce sliding and chafing but also provides a more secure connection while you’re putting in work in the pain cave or hammering out miles on the trails.

Advanced Wireless Connectivity:

Another huge benefit of these devices is Bluetooth connectivity. TICKR connects seamlessly to wireless smartphone and GPS devices at the same time or separately. With TICKR X, you can have up to three Bluetooth connections simultaneously. We’ve also added ANT+ Running Dynamics. After you’ve wirelessly paired TICKR X with a GPS multi-sport or running water, the running dynamics will be measured on the heart rate monitor and broadcast on the watch for accurate and real-time feedback. Previously, data was only available in the Wahoo App. 

Record and Store Feature:

TICKR and TICKR X are smarter than ever, allowing athletes to store workouts on the heart rate monitor before uploading to other devices. TICKR X allows the athlete to record a workout being paired with a separate device and can store more than 50 hours of workout data. (Are you mentally calculating how many workouts that is right now?) Offline workouts will report heart rate, calories burned, and duration only. TICKR X’s internal accelerometer also provides running dynamics such as cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. See? Wicked smart.

LED Placement:

Without a screen to indicate TICKR is on and ready to workout with you, we rely on LED lights. With this new TICKR X upgrade, we’ve moved the LED lights to the top of the bezel so they can be viewed easily and also communicate if TICKR X is searching for a connection, connecting, and reading heart rate. This feature is especially valuable for those using the memory feature for offline workouts.

Indoor Mode: Activated:

TICKR X performs beautifully even when you need to take your workouts indoors. When you’re hitting the treadmill, after a quick calibration exercise in the Wahoo Fitness App, TICKR X uses your ground contact time to accurately determine your distance and pace. On the indoor bike trainer, TICKR X will report cycling cadence.

Are you wondering about battery life? TICKR X can beat for over 500 hours so you might get tired before it does. TICKR X is also waterproof up to five feet so you can feel safe if you are a heavy sweater. Take on any workout or race confidently with the entire TICKR family of heart rate monitors.

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