How to Choose the Right Rim Height?

How to Choose the Right Rim Height?

Mavic (France) - Press Release: When it comes to buying a new wheelset, rim depth is one of the first questions asked. What kind of cycling do I do? What is my favourite playground? Big mountains, rolling hills or pan flat plains?

The lower the rim, the lighter, more agile and responsive the wheel will be. It will therefore perform better on winding roads, hills or when there's constant changes of pace.

The deeper the rim, the lower the air resistance and increased stability. These aerodynamic advantages will benefit you at higher speeds.

Low Profile Rim: <35mm:

These wheels are made for riders who like to tackle steep hills and long days in the saddle.

Whether you dance on the bike or sit in the saddle, they're ideal for long rides with steep climbs where the low weight really counts.

Vertical flex will give you the comfort you need to reduce fatigue over a long ride.

Light rims mean less inertia, which gives you better control of the bike and instant changes of pace.

Medium Profile Rim: 35-45mm:

It's the ideal mix between aerodynamics and weight.

The half way home profile offers the perfect blend of a deep section and low depth climbing wheel. This depth provides air resistance and inertia, without penalizing the rider on climbs.

Rigid and versatile, this rim height is perfect for rolling hills and fast-paced courses.

High Profile Rim: >65mm:

The depth generates less turbulence and therefore reduces the air resistance. The width and curvature of the sidewall provides relative stability in crosswinds.

These wheels offer a considerable aerodynamic gain when the speeds get higher.

With a higher inertia, when the rider decides to go, they stay at high speeds retaining all the power they put out.

This type of "Deep" profile is therefore preferred on flat terrain, for high speed events (criterium, time trial) or triathlon.

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