Introducing The New Ryve 115!

Introducing The New Ryve 115!

Spot Bikes (United States) - Press Release: Welcome to Rowdy Country!

Honed on the flowy singletrack of the Colorado alpine and perfected on the punchy spurs of Sedona, the Ryve 115 marries the heart and stamina of a marathon racer with the precision and power of a daredevil descender. It's the fastest and most nimble big-loop bike on the market--an upcountry, downcountry, crosscountry-plus speed machine that delivers you deep into rowdy country and gets you home in record time.

Technical climbs have never felt so fun. With 115 mm of fine-tuned travel in the rear, the Ryve 115 offers unrivaled pedaling performance and efficiency thanks to our patented Living Link suspension platform. Living Link provides both small bump compliance and industry leading big hit absorption. The steep seat tube angle places you in the most comfortable power position, which means you get to the top faster and with more ease. 

On the descents, the Ryve 115 is a flow trail rocket that carves like Shiffrin thanks to the torsionally and laterally stiff frame and long and slack geometry that enhances your control and enables you to harness the forces of gravity for full-throttle fun. We also stiffened the front end with an upsized fork to give you even more confidence when tearing through choppy terrain. In short, this bike goes to 11.

The secret to it all is our patented Living Link suspension platform with its leaf spring that stores energy and releases it when you need it most. Living Link has won widespread accolades from reviewers, and we've refined if for 2023. Our new leaf spring mounting system provides more lateral and torsional stiffness. It's also one of the lowest maintenance suspension platforms on the planet by design.

For extra stiffness and durability, we designed a new rocker link with larger bearings and thru-axle pivots. We also moved the lower shock mount higher on the downtube for extra stiffness. That means that the Ryve 115 rides smooth, tracks straight, and carves hard. And we shortened the seat tube to enable longer dropper post insertion.

If you're a race-motivated hardtail rider seeking an efficient climbing bike that enables you to go full throttle on descents, the Ryve 115 is for you. If you're a big bike rider or enduro athlete who wants a lighter and more playful rig for after work hot laps or weekend summit assaults, the Ryve 115 will shrink your climbs by an order of magnitude and leave you amazed by its balance and poise in the air while descending.

With its unrivaled pedaling performance and downhill carving chops, the Ryve 115 feels like an extension of your body. Our staff unofficially call it the mini-Mayhem--a nod to our acclaimed bigger travel bikes--due to its poise and balance through and over the roughest lines. The Ryve 115 truly is your passport to rowdy country.

Vertically Dynamic, Laterally & Torsionally Stiff:

The beating heart of the Ryve’s ride performance is the titanium leaf spring technology that has won our patented Living Link™ suspension platform numerous accolades and awards. At rest (or when airborne), the Living Link™ leaf spring is relaxed. As the suspension compresses, the leaf spring begins to flex, supporting the rider and widening the sag sweet spot. As the leaf spring continues to flex it stores energy that assists the system’s compression until, at full-bottom-out and maximum compression, it returns to a relaxed state. As the bike’s suspension enters its rebound phase, the leaf spring goes from relaxed to partially flexed, storing and controlling rebound energy. Midway through the rebound, the leaf spring is fully flexed, a position in which it is fully loaded up with rebound energy. As the rebound continues toward its relaxed state, it releases that stored energy. Consider it a boost of superpower when you most need it on long technical climbs.

The Latest in Living Link™:

The Living Link™ also improves riding efficiency. It does so by enhancing the spring curve in the mid-stroke of the suspension travel. How? By working in tandem with the shock’s air spring to make the overall curve more linear in the middle of its travel. A more linear curve increases the suspension response in the mid stroke, where a bike spends most of its time. We’ve increased the overall linkage progression by 25%. Softer off the top, more bottomless at bottom-out, and the same great supportive, responsive feel in the mid stroke. It’s simply a higher quality ride experience than any other suspension technology on the market.

Trail Hugging Efficiency, Playful Descending:

The Ryve delivers precision control on rowdy descents and gluey traction on technical climbs. That is a rare feat for other rear suspension systems on the market, which are designed to rely on their shock lockout modes to assist climbing. The Living Link™ system was designed with an anti-squat response, which enables the rider to climb efficiently with the shock wide open. In addition, the kinematics of the suspension system provide a large pedaling sweet spot. The end game: you will ride more confidently both up and down.

Advanced Construction:

The Ryve frame and its components are constructed using the most advanced processes in the composites industry. Instead of outdated tube-to-tube or conventional bladder molding, our carbon construction facility fabricates each frame using a rigid EPS foam mandrel. The mandrel is custom formed for the Ryve, and its parts are shaped in a bespoke mold that represents the shape of the volume contained within the part. The carbon fiber plies are arranged precisely on the mandrel. This technique ensures that nothing can move out of position when the mandrel and layup are inserted into the curing mold.

During the curing process the EPS foam expands uniformly, creating outward pressure on the carbon plies. The foam ensures even distribution of compaction forces on the layup throughout the part. This prevents voids and delamination. The control and consistency of this approach are unrivaled. The benefits of the highest-end materials and our superior construction methods ensure that each Ryve frame delivers years of performance and quality. Our production facility works for some of the best names in high-end bikes. We feel so strongly about our frame durability that we back every Ryve frame with a lifetime warranty.

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