Introducing the Stout™ Stem by 9point8

Introducing the Stout™ Stem by 9point8

9point8 (Canada) - The 9point8™ Stout™ Stem is strong, light, and uses 7075 aluminum and innovative weight-saving designs.

7075 aluminum:

Higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to commonly used 6061 Aluminum.

Designed for manufacturing:

Optimally designed for removal of excess material from the inside of the stem.

Weight where it matters:

The stem body interfaces the handlebar less than 180° effectively moving the weight to the low profile stem caps.

A premium mountain stem for $99 USD:

The Stout stem and associated stem products such as Top Cap and Spacers, will be available to purchase from 9point8 website and from authorized resellers in late June 2019.

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