Meet The EB 2.0 Version of Addmotor M-140 Folding Ebike 2023

Meet The EB 2.0 Version of Addmotor M-140 Folding Ebike 2023

Addmotor Electric Bikes (United States) - Press Release: Introducing the new M-140 folding electric bike with EB 2.0 system.

Addmotor has also updated several models based on market and customer feedback to achieve peak performance and keep them up to date with the latest technology. The latest enhancement is the revolutionary two-wheel folding ebike, Foldtan M-140. People of all ages and abilities prefer folding electric bikes for commuting since they are more convenient and accessible.

An electric bike with a revolutionary design, the Addmotor Foldtan M-140 is perfect for people of all ages and genders! Due to its foldable feature, this product can be easily stored; you can store it in close quarters, in a car trunk, or wherever you want. With plenty of features, this step-through folding electric bike is ideal for urban cycling.

#1 Upgraded features

M-140 folding ebike is a unique bike with various color options which makes it very aesthetically pleasing. There are 6 bright and bold color variants including Orange, Black, Yellow, White, Army Green, and Estate Blue.

The Foldtan M-140 fat tire electric bike is an excellent selection for those seeking an e-bike that's portable, affordable, and powerful. The upgrade to the EB 2.0 electronic system is what people are noticing the most. Five main aspects of the EB 2.0 system are included: battery system, light system, control system, mechanical system, and integrated system.

Battery system:

The 48*20Ah UL-certified battery pack is the most noticeable feature of the Foldtan M-140. With Samsung's latest combined high-capacity 21700 battery cells, the battery pack is capable of providing a significantly better riding range than the original 17.5Ah battery. And thanks to the UL-certified battery system, the Addmotor electric bike is enhanced in terms of overall safety.

  • Control system:

The main purpose of this upgraded electronic system is to provide riders with additional control. For that purpose, there is an EB 2.0 chip which is there to simplify the design of various circuit systems. It also improves the stability of the system and reduces space on the board. Further, in the EB 2.0 era, a dedicated inner ring is used that is resistant to high temperatures and has a lower sound as well as better heat dissipation.

  • Light system:

The upgraded EB 2.0 system is intended to enhance the functionality of your electric bike. This 360° LED lighting system provides a wide-angle lighting area while saving 15% energy. It is a 5-in-1 unique patented taillight that operates similarly to the taillights on motorcycles and automobiles: a driving light, a left, and right turn signal, a danger light, a flashlight, and a brake light.

  • Mechanical system:

Another noticeable thing is Addmotor thickened the seat post to 31.6mm * 3.0mm. 20" x 4" Kenda fat tires have new convex glue tread patterns that make them more anti-slip, durable, and suitable for different terrains.

  • Integrated system:

With patented handlebar switch buttons and a 7-speed PAS display, these bikes are very easy to operate.

#2 General Features

  • Motor:

The folding ebike 750W motor powers the Foldtan M-140. A brushless rear hub motor rated at 48*750W powers the bike and allows it to travel anywhere. Whether you want to pedal over sand, through snow, uphill, downhill, or just on flat ground, this ebike is up to the task. With the advancement of bike technology, you should buy the Addmotor M-140 as soon as possible.

  • Display:

There is a 5-inch display mounted on the handlebar of the Foldtan M-140. The display is there to provide information for the rider. Safety light control, speedometer, odometer, different assistance levels, and remaining battery levels are all displayed on this screen. Furthermore, there's a USB charging port as well which enables you to charge your phone while you are out.

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