Meet The New Peloton Bike+ and the New Peloton Tread

Meet The New Peloton Bike+ and the New Peloton Tread

Peloton (United States) - Press Release: The features and content you want for total body training at home.

“When we launched Peloton, we knew we were onto something special. Now, eight years later, we have a passionate global community of 2.6 million Members, and we feel like we’re just getting started in terms of how we can impact the health and well-being of people worldwide through our platform, content and products," said John Foley, Peloton’s CEO and Co-founder.

To grow our Peloton family even bigger, we’re excited to announce we’re adding two new products to our lineup, along with some fun class types offering different ways to combine cardio and strength training. Peloton offers all of our Members the best workout experience for a better value than you might realize, and we can’t wait for you to join our family. If you’re already a Bike owner or recently purchased a Bike, scroll down to the bottom for more information specific to our current Members.

The New Peloton Bike+:

The Peloton Bike+ is the bike our Members helped build, designed to make it even easier to complement an indoor cycling class with Peloton’s strength, yoga, stretching and meditation classes, all streaming right on the Bike+. We’ve incorporated some of the most-requested hardware and software features Members told us they’d love to see, including a 23.8” rotating HD touchscreen which rotates 180 degrees left and right for easy viewing when you’re off the Bike. Other new features include a high-fidelity four-speaker sound system so instructor cues and killer playlists come through loud and clear; a one-tap integration with Apple Gymkit™ so you can pair your Apple Watch® with the Bike+ to keep your metrics in sync; and the Auto-Follow digital resistance system that automatically remembers your Target Metrics and scales your resistance up and down based on instructor guidance, allowing you to fully lose yourself in the class. 

The new Peloton Bike+ will be $2,495 USD (£2,295 GBP/$3,295 CAD/€2,690 EUR) and available in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Germany on September 9, 2020. Financing will be available, as will our standard 30-Day Home Trial period. The original Peloton Bike, now at the lower price point of $1,895 USD with 30-Day Home Trial for new purchasers, will remain available in all territories. This is our best price ever, now starting at $49 USD/month for 39 months. No money down. 0% APR financing. Peloton All-Access Membership separate*.

We’re also excited to introduce Bike Bootcamp, a highly-requested class format that will be available to all Peloton Members starting September 15. Taught by Peloton’s VP of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor Robin Arzón, Peloton instructor Jess Sims, and Director of Cycling Cody Rigsby, Bike Bootcamp is a total body workout, integrating strength training with Peloton’s well-known cardio programming to take your training to the next level.

The New Peloton Tread:

We want even more people to be able to experience Peloton’s compelling running and strength training content, so we made a new Tread that packs all the fundamental innovations of Tread+, like the control knobs and jump buttons, into a smaller footprint and at a more accessible price. We’re confident this Tread is the best belt treadmill you can buy, and retains all the excitement and intensity of our action-packed running classes. The Peloton Tread features a 23.8” HD touchscreen with integrated speakers so you can transition seamlessly between the Tread and the floor during your workout. The screen tilts up and down 50 degrees, letting you adjust for the best possible view and sound. The Tread measures smaller than most couches at 68” L x 33” W x 62” H to make it easier to fit into homes and apartments of all sizes, and the screen remains easy to see from the side or behind the Tread. And about that Tread deck? We had to go a little above and beyond. The Tread has no front shroud, typically found in traditional belt treadmills, which creates an unencumbered training environment, and feels more like a natural road.

The new Peloton Tread will be $2,495 USD ($3,295 CAD /£2,295 GBP) and is coming in early 2021 to the US and Canada, to the UK starting on December 26, 2020, and to Germany later in 2021. Financing will be available starting at $64 USD/mo over 39-months at 0% APR** (plus the cost of an All-Access Membership), as will our standard 30-Day Home Trial period. The original Peloton Tread, now called Peloton Tread+ will remain at $4,295 USD with a 30-Day Home Trial for first purchasers, and available in the US.

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