Meet the New FOX Transfer SL - Super Light. Done Right

Meet the New FOX Transfer SL - Super Light. Done Right

Fox Factory (United States) - Press Release: Introducing the all-new Transfer SL. Super Light. Done Right. ⁠

In cycling, there is no quest pursued with as much fervor as that of saving weight. Light bikes are fast bikes, and therefore, even lighter bikes are faster still. It’s not enough to be “as light as the other guys,” Being lighter than the other guys, that’s the goal. It is a sacred obsession, fraught with compromise, usually involving staggering expense and massive investments of time for marginal gains that are all too often the definition of “quixotic.” Nowhere is this more clearly expressed than in the lost art of Drillium.⁠

At Fox, we don’t do Drillium. Performance and functionality are the guiding principles here, along with a healthy fear of random and catastrophic product failures. But we respect the ethos, and we understand the obsession that leads to such drastic measures, even if we’re never gonna break out the scribe and the 1/16” bits. So why, then, are we even bringing this up? Well, we’ve got a new member of Transfer seatpost family. And it’s light. Damn light. And if there was any guiding principle that we tried to cleave to during its development, it was that uncompromising idealism that leads people down the road to Drillium. Only we did it without drilling a single hole. Well, one hole, if you count the cable window. ⁠

Meet the new Transfer SL. At 128 grams (25%!) lighter than the regular Transfer post, it’s the lightest mainstream dropper post on the market. Period. With lever options for drop bars, flat bars, and 2x front shifters it’s the ideal upgrade for gravel bikes and diehard XC racers who want the performance of a dropper but just cannot abide the heft. It’s available in 50 and 70mm travel increments in 27.2mm diameter, and 70 and 100mm travel increments in both 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters. It is the lightest way to get down this side of a drill press and a whole lot of heartache, and it (finally) brings the word “shred” into the superlightweight gravel and XC conversation. Look for Transfer SL helping Fox riders dominate UCI WC races & other top-level cycling events soon!

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