New Helmet Released by OGK KABUTO - The REZZA-2

New Helmet Released by OGK KABUTO - The REZZA-2

OGK KABUTO (Japan) - "REZZA-2" is optionally available to use with a shield for multiple usage. The upgraded model of "REZZA".

The REZZA-2 is an updated model of REZZA that allows you to attach a shield as a new comfortable equipment and achieved to be used for multiple purposes. Features compact and plain design body, air intake shape that fed back from higher models, removable visor and, etc. REZZA-2 is the high cost performance model that exceeds its grade.

By installing the newly developed device "Shield Attachment-01" on REZZA-2 (sold separately), you can use it with the Shield. The shields that can be attached using this attachment are, "AR-5 shield" (sold separately), and the lightweight type "ARS-3 shield" (sold separately) which may be already familiar as the model "AERO-R1 " option.

The adjuster that holds the back of the head has been upgraded to the "XF-8 Adjuster", which has a wrap-around fit. It can be adjusted according to your preference in 4 steps.

Functions & Technology:

Shield (sold separately):

By installing the "Shield Attachment-01" for REZZA-2 (sold separately), you can install the "AR-5 shield" and "ARS-3 shield" (sold separately).

"XF-8 Adjuster":

The REZZ-2 adjuster has been upgraded from the "XF-6 Adjuster" used in the previous model REZZA to the "XF-8 Adjuster", which has a higher-level wrapping fit.

The XF-8 adjuster has a spherical shape on the inner surface of the support part, achieving a fit that wraps around the back of the head. In addition, a spring structure with a moderate flexibility is used for the support part. This gives a comfortable support and a higher level of fit when the adjuster is tightened. Furthermore, according to the shape of the head and preference, it is possible to adjust in 4 levels up and down.

"" to prevent insects from entering (standard):

"A.I.Net (Anti-Insect anti-insect net)" is installed as a standard interior. The is an inner pad that wraps the frontal area to the top of the head with a hybrid structure of a mesh net and a cushion pad, mainly for the purpose of preventing insects from entering from the air intake.

Front visor (included in the package):

It comes with a front visor that can be easily attached and removed according to the application and preference.

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