New: Isogel + Caffeine with Pineapple Flavor

New: Isogel + Caffeine with Pineapple Flavor

6d Sports Nutrition (Belgium) - Press Release: Now available: Our delicious pineapple flavoured isotonic gel with liquid consistency and 75mg caffeine! Ideal before a competitive event or during (endurance) exercise leading up to the most decisive moment of competition. Especially when you cannot drink water at the same time.

  • 20g carbohydrates, so easy to combine with other 6d products
  • Isotonic for an even faster absorption than other gels
  • No extra water needed for a good absorption
  • 75mg caffeine for a physical and mental boost
  • Larger size (60ml) and easy to drink

Product description:

When athletes use energy gels, it occasionally happens that they do not drink enough water. Sometimes athletes simply forget to drink, or the situation does not always allow a combined intake. This creates a concentrated mixture of carbohydrates with a very high osmolality in the stomach. Which in turn slows down gastric emptying and therefore also the absorption rate, usually resulting in gastrointestinal complaints.

The 6d ISOGEL+CAFFEINE contains 20g of carbohydrates in the form of a carefully selected maltodextrin with a very high molecular weight. As a result, the 6d ISOGEL is isotonic by itself, which means that it is absorbed faster than most other gels. This gel therefore does not have to be combined with water to obtain an isotonic solution.

In addition, the 6d ISOGEL + CAFFEINE contains 75mg of caffeine and 20g of carbohydrates. It is well known that caffeine can boost mental alertness and delay fatigue. As a result, caffeine intake can improve performance in a wide spectrum of sports, including long-term efforts, maximal efforts with a duration of 1 to 60 minutes, but also in sports with a typical interval character (e.g. 'stop-and-go' sports such as football and tennis).

In short, 6d ISOGEL + CAFFEINE is the ideal choice for athletes who wish to increase the caffeine level in their blood in the run-up to an important competition moment, especially if they cannot / do not want to drink enough water.

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