New Product Information - Yamaha Motors MY2020

New Product Information - Yamaha Motors MY2020

Yamaha Motor (Japan) - Taking their motocross DNA to the trail, Yamaha Motor opens a new era of E-MTB performance.

Yamaha Motor introduces updated flagship model PW-X2 and sportive PW-ST – and enhances the ride experience of all drive systems with their Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode technologies.

Is this history repeating itself? 20 years ago Yamaha Motor turned the worldwide motocross racing scene upside down with its four-stroke engine powered bikes. “Drivability” was the key to win podium after podium. This time the focus of the Yamaha Motor engineers was set on the globally important and dynamically growing e-bike market. With two new mid drive motors – the PW-ST for sporty trekking and mountain bikes and the new top model PW-X2 for high-end E-MTBs – e-bike pioneer Yamaha Motor is again pushing its "factory tuning" to the top – and is approaching the self-imposed development ideal "Being one with the Machine" in an impressive way.

150% power – the new benchmark for the high-end E-MTB:

Yamaha Motor’s PW-X already lived up to its strong reputation in terms of power output and stamina under more intense riding circumstances. At least, that’s what independent test engineers and editors, from renowned magazines, published in recent years. Now the updated PW-X2 promises to offer the next step in terms of powerful – and natural – support out there on the trail. Based on the same technical data (250W rated power, 80Nm in “Extra Power” mode and 70Nm torque in High / STD / Eco / +Eco mode), the new PW-X2 should be even better at delivering the necessary support when the rider needs it the most.

Multiple sensors for a more responsive ride experience:

What is manifested inside motor housing in the form of 4 sensors, and finely tuned algorithms for the drive control, results in an even higher sensibility to the rider’s input and thus a new level of natural riding experience out on the trail. The Quad Sensor System uses an angle sensor to detect the bike's angle of climb or descent, in addition to the existing ride speed, crank rotation, and pedalling torque sensors. Yamaha Motor’s engineers and test riders have fine-tuned the Quad Sensor System and the Automatic Support Mode technologies – first introduced to their line-up in the MY2019 PW-TE drive system – according to the intended riding concept of each drive system in the line-up. Thus, ambitious E-MTB riders might appreciate the PW-X2’s characteristics when they are turning the cranks at a higher cadence, as this motor supports their pedal forces even then. And with the help of the now integrated angle sensor and Automatic Support Mode, the responsiveness of the drive system is further improved – resulting in a true natural ride experience: The motor acts as the rider’s best friend, delivering the necessary support, or even more than that, in each and every situation on the trail. And you’ll get the feeling of being a better biker …

Yamaha Motor’s new top-of-the-line drive system – the PW-X2 – is also available in a ‘Speed’ version for S-Pedelecs, with motor support up to 45km/h.

Configuration freedom:

To give product managers the highest degree of freedom in terms of battery positioning and capacity choice as well as various display options, all of Yamaha Motor’s ‘Multi Location’, ‘Down Tube’ and ‘Rear Carrier’ batteries can be combined with the PW-X2 drive unit. And from the simplified Display A to the extra tough Display X to the sophisticated Display C with connectivity to mobile devices, riders can enjoy multiple features including ride management, fitness tracking and map-based navigation through compatible applications such as Komoot or Wellfit.

In addition to the ‘Multi Location 600’ and ‘500’ batteries, Yamaha Motor will offer a new ‘Multi Location 400’ option – as a cheaper replacement battery or range extender with a claimed capacity of 410Wh.

The new benchmark for light off-road bikes:

For model year 2020, Yamaha Motor not only updated their flagship model but also the runner up system: PWseries ST is the new name (following the PWseries SE) – and this drive system benefits from the latest technologies in the same manner as the PW-X2. The PWseries ST features Yamaha Motor’s Quad Sensor System so that it can deliver optimized assist levels for all conditions despite weighing 100g less than the previous model. The unit also offers a broader assist range that can accommodate high-cadence pedalling.

Automatic Support Mode:

For entry level or even more experienced riders it’s sometimes no simple feat to shift gears, adjust seat height, and change ride modes at roughly the same time. The new Automatic Support Mode for the PWseries ST selects the right amount of assist power based on riding conditions. Whether starting from a stop, accelerating, braking, riding on a level surface, or climbing a hill, one can leave ride mode changes to the system and focus on shifting and braking.

Yamaha Motor’s new multi-sports drive system – the PWseries ST – is optimized for sportive trekking bikes and trend-setting E-MTBs.

Smoother hill starts:

For less experienced riders the system modulates its support in High Mode during the initial pedal strokes. This way it can prevent wheelies or rear wheel spin outs when starting on loose ground in steep terrain. The right power and modulation lead to stable control, and gives the rider peace of mind when starting from half way up the steepest of hills.

The Pursuit of Comfort:

To complete the range of drive systems, Yamaha Motor further offers their PWseries TE, meant for city commuters and thus providing effortless comfort and a stable ride in urban traffic. This mid-level drive system has been the first to come equipped with Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode in MY2019 already – in this case tuned to provide intelligent and natural power assistance under all urban traffic conditions and resulting in a flawless ride.

The PWseries TE had been the first to sport Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode.

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