NuVinci Cycling and COBI partner up to define the DNA of today’s Smartbike

NuVinci Cycling and COBI partner up to define the DNA of today’s Smartbike
NuVinci Cycling (Germany) – "Partners create a new category of urban bicycles", shared NuVinci.

"Regardless of age, today’s consumers live in a connected world and enjoy a “smart” lifestyle, surrounded by the “Internet of Things” including smart fridges, smartphones, and connected TVs. This lifestyle, driven by technology, continues until they hop on their bikes", they added.

NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., and COBI are pushing the boundaries of the status quo by reinventing the riding experience with smart technology. Known for their innovative products, NuVinci Cyclingand COBI joined forces to craft a joint smartbike system that meets the needs of today’s modern cyclist, allowing them to ride smarter.

“Smart riding, as part of advanced urban mobility, means making use of innovative technology to enable simple, easy, engaging, and connected cycling. We believe this should be the moving standard today,” says David Hancock, Managing Director at NuVinci Cycling.

By blending the NuVinci Optimized™ automatic shifting solution, Harmony H|Sync™, with the COBI smartphone-based cockpit and thumb controller, the two components are raising the bar in bringing intelligent, connected technologies into the bicycle industry. The fully integrated, stepless automatic shifting product, Harmony H|Sync allows consumers to focus less on changing gears and more on what’s important, for example: traffic, road hazards, passengers, or just the beauty of their surroundings. COBI on the other hand, creates a new rider experience by enabling an intelligent connection between bicycles, its users, and their digital lifestyle. There is a natural fit between the two brands, as both are advocates for modern, technology-driven cycling while always putting the rider experience first.

With the COBI smartphone-based cockpit, cyclists can listen to their favorite music by connecting to apps such as Spotify or Apple music, use the turn-by-turn navigation system, access real-time fitness data, connect fitness apps and sensors, and take or make phone calls. The built-in thumb controller provides convenience and safety because consumers are not forced to take their hands off the handlebars or their eyes off the road. Additional functions such as phone charging, automatic light, alarm system, and bell offer even more convenience, safety, and fun for every ride. Available for iOS and Android, the COBI system is compatible with all bicycles and almost every smartphone, making it even easier for manufacturers to integrate the joint technology in their bike models, and offer a contemporary product that meets the expectations of today’s connected consumers.

The NuVinci Optimized Harmony H|Sync system is fully integrated into the COBI cockpit, without requiring an additional shifter on the handlebar. The rider can therefore simply use the COBI user interface to control both the drive system and the Harmony shift system according to their needs. This solution provides drive system integration currently with the Brose, Impulse, and TranzX systems, through the automotive communication standard CAN bus technology, using a single wire connection from the automatic gearbox to the drive system wire harness. By combining the NuVinci Optimized Harmony system with the COBI system, additional navigation and fitness capabilities are integrated into the drive and shift system controls to create the ultimate smartbike platform.

"The combination of the two systems create the perfect urban eBike for the modern cyclist. It's not about individual features, but rather about how all of the features work intelligently and seamlessly together. The large display with infotainment, automatic motor, and gear control plus the sleek design, create a contemporary riding experience like no other,"says Andreas Gahlert, CEO and Founder of COBI GmbH.

The partnership between the two companies goes beyond pure technical integration: COBI will also participate in NuVinci Cycling’s extensive MY2018 dealer training workshops, webinars, and other retail marketing activities.

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