Prozis 24x Energy Gel + Caffeine - Never Run Out of Energy

Prozis 24x Energy Gel + Caffeine - Never Run Out of Energy

Prozis (Portugal) - Prozis 24x Energy Gel + Caffeine - Never Run Out of Energy!

Fuel to keep you moving:

Long training sessions and demanding competitions mean sweat, fatigue, and exhaustion. That makes it crucial to compensate for lost nutrients. Want to make sure you don't run out of energy? Try our Energy Gel!

Charge your battery:

Made up of easily digestible carbohydrates, Prozis Energy Gel is a carbohydrate solution* that will power up your performance every time you need that extra boost. After all, carbohydrates are your main energy source when you’re involved in intensive and/or long-lasting exercise, like running, mountain biking or football.

*Carbohydrate solutions contribute to the improvement of physical performance during high-intensity and long-lasting physical exercise in adults.


With this Energy Gel, you will get that extra push that will make a difference when you feel like you’re about to hit the wall.

Delicious and convenient:

Carrying a Prozis Energy Gel in your pocket is a smart and convenient idea that will help you face pretty much any challenge, anytime! And the best part: it's packed with flavor and easy to take!

You can mix and match different sources of carbohydrates during prolonged exercise, according to your preferences and goals:

  • Energy Crunch Bar 23 g carbohydrates*
  • IsoCarb - Isotonic Drink 38 g carbohydrates*
  • Gummies 11 g carbohydrates*

*per serving

Faster and farther:

If you're a marathon addict or simply love to adventure yourself into challenging races, then you know energy is a key factor in your performance. Prozis Energy products offer you the fuel you need to go faster and farther, every step of the way: before, during, and after events.

Product highlights:

  • Ideal to take while exercising
  • •30 g carbohydrates per serving
  • •100 mg caffeine per serving
  • •Designed to provide quick fuel for training and running
  • •Portable source of easily digestible carbohydrates
  • •Portable and convenient packaging

Our Prozis Energy line can help you with that extra push to reach your goals!


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