Repente presents a “painted” version of its carbon ultralight Saddles

Repente presents a “painted” version of its carbon ultralight Saddles

Repente (Italy) - Press Release: Revo Collection: don’t go unnoticed.

Repente Revo Collection is the result of the partnership between Repente and the Revo Racing Team, four cyclists who race the Red Hook Crit series and many other crits all over the world. 

Tobias Lewis, William Lewis, Jeremy Santucci and Chamaine Porter are beautiful ad reckless, and they give it their all. They gave Repente the inspiration for a new series of graphs dedicated to the stylish creativity of the New York “fixie” style.

The ultralight carbon-made saddles Aleena (130 grams) and Comptus (135 grams) are dressed with a special pattern and in various bright colours: a touch of originality for those who want to make their bikes more attractive with a saddle-frame combination that will not go unnoticed.

Revo Racing Team was born from the true belief that a team is more than just numbers: “We are a team who bases friendship as core value, because riding with your friends around and knowing they have your back in a race, should be the only way to race. We also believe that we should only partner with brands that correspond to our mentality, brands that thrive towards performance and yet do not compromise with style. Repente is the perfect example, we were able to collaborate together and come up with saddles that are not only the best saddles that any of us had ridden, but also the best looking ones out there”.

William Lewis:

He has now been racing for just over ten years, and is a Cat1 Elite cyclist in France. This feeling of being the hammer, nailing this sprint, nailing this corner over and over again, this is what keeps him going, makes him go out during the cold and wet days. He discovered fixed gear racing two years ago now and it gave him the extra motivation at a point in his career where he had thoughts about quitting cycling.

Tobias Lewis:

Tobias Lewis was born in eastern France, in the Vosges. He has been riding his bike since he is able to stand over one. “Riding it mainly to check out new trails, or to ride to his newest girlfriends”. Nowadays Tobias lives in the city of New York, and rides his bike everywhere... mainly because he likes to go places… fast!

Jeremy Santucci:

“As a lil kid I was born into racing by my father and his race horses. I could never shake the need for speed and pushing the limits”. He raced motocross quads, cars and anything he could get his hands on. He stumbled across the track bike and then quickly made friends worldwide who shared the passion. “Best feeling in the world”.

Charmaine Porter:

She is a newbie to the scene, but don’t get fooled, she’s not a weak cyclist. She finished 4th in the UK national crit champs in 2017 and has been getting stronger and stronger, we just can’t wait for her to race later this season.

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