Ride the Revolution: 3 New Indoor Cycling Products

Ride the Revolution: 3 New Indoor Cycling Products

Wahoo Fitness (USA) – Press Release: When we created the KICKR, we really wanted to perfect it, and continue to build on its success by challenging ourselves with new products with increased product performance. We weren’t looking to start a revolution. We were just looking for a way to make indoor cycling suck less.

But once word spread that you could control your trainer with your laptop or smartphone, a revolution ignited. A revolution we’ve led ever since by creating products designed to make indoor training more immersive, more challenging and–dare we say it–more fun.

Which is exactly why we developed three new KICKR products designed for the most demanding cyclists. These new training tools provide the most realistic, accurate, and immersive training experience out there.

KICKR Smart Bike Trainer:

We made a lot of enhancements to the KICKR this year. To start, we drastically reduced both the sound and pitch levels, making it a virtually silent trainer that gives you the most ideal indoor acoustic riding experience out there. We’ve also implemented a larger performance-optimized flywheel that combines with real-time responsiveness and precise power measurements (up to 2,200 watts) to deliver the most realistic, professional-grade indoor riding experience yet. To top it all of we made the KICKR compatible with the KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator.

KICKR CORE Smart Bike Trainer:

The Wahoo KICKR CORE features the same legendary flywheel technology that’s in the KICKR, delivering both accuracy and a real ride feel not found in trainers of its class. Its compact design, accurate power measurement, and compatibility with not only the KICKR CLIMB, but a wide range of bikes and training platforms is unlike anything out there today.


Designed to complement our KICKR Smart Trainers, the new KICKR HEADWIND is the first purpose-built smart fan designed specifically for indoor cyclists. It connects to heart rate monitors, smart trainers, and speed sensors to automatically deliver a powerful, realistic headwind (up to 30 mph), simulating the air flow cyclists feel riding on the open road.

Ride the Revolution:
Each of these products are made to withstand your most intense indoor training sessions, watt for watt, season after season, so go ahead—join the revolution, be a Wahooligan!

Ride the Revolution - Wahoo Indoor Cycling Ecosystem:

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