RockShox All-New Fork Technology

RockShox All-New Fork Technology

RockShox (United States) - Press Release: When RockShox unleashed Pike into the world in 2003, the fast-growing mountain bike community raced to get their hands on the fork that was well ahead of its time for its versatility and prowess on technical terrain. Riders were exploring what all-mountain meant, and enduro was shaping into its own category, but there was one fork to rule them all… and that was Pike.

Today, nearly 20 years later, RockShox continues to live up to our legacy, setting the bar for suspension performance higher and higher to keep pace with the progression of modern riders.

Not only has the level of riding increased over the years, but so has the need to hone in on what different disciplines and categories of bikes need to be the most efficient, precise, and ruthless out on the trail, mountain, and racetrack.  

The limiting factor? Technology:

Flying higher, climbing harder, riding further, faster, and more fearlessly than ever before. The only actual ceiling capping a rider’s potential is the capability and efficiency of their bike and suspension.

Modern riders demand technology that can evolve as fast as the sport is slingshotting forward. To reach your potential and then exceed it, you need a bike that feels like it was made to take on the trails you dream of conquering—an indistinguishable merging of human and machine.  

At the highest level of performance, customization is key:

It was time to take a fresh look at some of the hardest-hitting forks over the past two decades. Riders deserve a quiver of specialized forks to choose from, and there needs to be a clear go-to option to serve every mission. This became the philosophy that birthed RockShox's 2023 Suspension Collection. 

In the words of Jon Cancellier, Product Manager for RockShox forks, "In the past, we've had our forks span a large travel range, so they were great for a lot of things, not really specific for one. We wanted to define that rider and then make sure that we're making a product that matches that rider."  

The all-new Pike was built for riders who look to blur the lines between trail and cross country and get lost in methodical flow state rides. Pike is a 120-140mm fork distilled down to its purest necessities—linear, lightweight, and capable of all-day epics.

The all-new Lyrik, was made for the rider who prefers a one-bike-quiver that can do it all and will never be left behind by suspension that isn’t up to the task. The 140-160mm all-mountain workhorse is an homage to everything we love most about riding—the orchestration of navigating unpredictable terrain and the chaos you calmly control from the cockpit, whether charging down alpine steeps or sending it big at the bike park.

With the Lyrik built to satisfy the aggressive trail riders, the updated ZEB shines on riotous downhills and enduro circuits. 150-190mm of travel supports the rider who loves a wild and unpredictable descent. Mashing tree roots, rock gardens, and oh sh*t g-out moments—ZEB is built with the extra stiff chassis and the resilience needed to take the hits and plow on through.

While there is a fork for every rider, dubbing that as the crowning glory of RockShox’s new Suspension Collection would be a disservice to the years of toiling and innovating that went into these new forks. The development team’s vision for the all-new Pike, Lyrik, and updated ZEB began with a magazine of new technology that they conceptualized to answer modern-day challenges. After all, a system is only as capable as its individual parts.

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