Saracen Levarg - MTB DNA Moulded Into a Gravel Bike

Saracen Levarg - MTB DNA Moulded Into a Gravel Bike

Saracen (United Kingdom) - Press Release: What is Gravel spelled backwards?

That's right, this is the Saracen Levarg! While you may not associate us with the curly type handlebars, we love to ride our bikes and we love to adventure. It is with that spirit that we designed the Levarg range to allow riders to go pretty much anywhere!

When we came to designing these bikes, the main thing we wanted to retain was our MTB identity which is why each of these bikes is far more than just a road bike with wider tyres.

We took our MTB DNA and moulded into a gravel bike... Using longer top tubes and shorter stems allows for a roomier cockpit, more centralised rider position on the bike and more direct steering input. 650b wheels come as standard but the frame can accommodate 700c wheels as well if you wish to change, with a recommended maximum tyre size of 50mm in 650b and 44mm in 700c respectfully.

Starting at £999.99 for the Levarg FB, these bikes guarantee ear-to-ear grins from when you set off, to when you get home.

Saracen Levarg - £1,199.99:

The Levarg comes with Shimano Sora 2x9 speed drivetrain and TRP Spyre cable disc brakes. WTB’s most dirt-focused tyre in the form of the ByWay (47C) allows riders to find comfort on remote gravel roads without feeling draggy on the paved roads!

Saracen Levarg SL - £1,399.99:

The Levarg SL comes with SRAM Apex 1x11 speed drivetrain and cable actuated hydraulic disc brakes in the shape of TRP HY/RD paired with 160mm rotors. It has the same WTB tyres as the Levarg so you can take it wherever you want to go!

Saracen Levarg OR - £2,299.99:

The Levarg OR comes equipped with a FOX AX 40mm suspension fork, SRAM Apex 1x11 speed drivetrain and SRAM Apex hydraulic disc brakes. This bad boy turned the gravel category on its head and it built to take on more than any pther gravel bike!

Saracen Levarg FB - £999.99:

The Levarg FB (Flat Bar) is our commuter focused model and comes with Shimano 1x10 speed drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Ideal as a commuter work-horse, but with the wider wheels if you want to take the 'alternative' route home!

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