From Dusk till Dawn. Scott to unveil Reflective Shoe Collection

From Dusk till Dawn. Scott to unveil Reflective Shoe Collection

Scott (Switzerland) - Press Release: Scott launches a new footwear collection with 100% reflective uppers, designed for riding from Dusk Till Dawn.

Meeting demands from the lifestyle/commuting segment, Scott releases a new footwear concept for extra visibility when riding at night. Comprising three different models targeting Road, MTB and Sports riders, all versions in this new standalone line-up feature entirely reflective uppers.

Using our Scott Comp BOA and Crus-R BOA models as a base, we were able to make these shoes even sleeker by giving them a stylish, casual looking reflective upper. Particularly the Comp Boa Road Reflective and the Comp Boa MTB Reflective are the answer for those who prefer a classy shoe offering extra safety without sacrificing on performance. With a stiffness Index of 6, these models are made to turn the way to work (or back home) into training sessions - on road, trails or gravel. Laid-back sporty riders on the other hand will find joy with the Crus-R BOA Reflective, the go-to option when exploring urban areas even after sunset. All three models are available as women's and men's versions.

Road Comp Boa Reflective:

Featuring a stiffness index of 6 in combination with a fully reflective upper, commuters will find a versatile shoe that fulfills any need for a performance training shoe while adding to the rider's safety.

MTB Comp Boa Reflective:

Using the DNA of the road version, the MTB Comp Boa Reflective excels as a versatile cross-country shoe with anatomic fit and an upper material keeping the rider visible on urban trails.

Crus-R Boa Reflective:

Crus-R's from Scott have always been known for great out-of-the-box comfort and their diverse range of use. Adding a reflective upper, this shoe gets now even more versatile for laid-back rides exploring urban areas even after sunset.

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