Shimano Steps Simplified

Shimano Steps Simplified

Shimano (Japan) - Press Release: SHIMANO STEPS is not a bike. It’s an e-bike system that comes pre-installed on a wide range of bikes, so they look – and feel – just like regular bikes.

There are 4 different SHIMANO STEPS e-bike systems – E5000, E6100, E7000 and E8000 – designed specifically for everything from city to mountain biking. 

Which e-bike system is best for you?

Whether you’re young or old, an urban commuter, busy parent, sporty, adventurous or simply ride for pleasure, there’s an e-bike system just for you. 

E5000 – CITY:

For everyday urban journeys.

The E5000 is our quietest e-bike system. It’s also the lightest. Plus, it boasts the smallest drive unit meaning it’s virtually invisible. It makes cycling around town less stressful, faster and more fun as you power through the day-to-day. Whether that’s commuting to work, riding your kids to school, doing your shopping or just going out for some fresh air and exercise. You can choose from three different pedal-assist modes – Eco | Normal | High – whenever you need a boost.


For the daily commute through the city – and beyond.

Does everything the E5000 does but gives you more oomph when you venture out of town and into the countryside. Struggling uphill or battling against the wind will be a thing of the past when the E6100 kicks in. While its quiet motor will allow you to enjoy the gentle hum of nature.

E7000 – OFF-ROAD:

For recreational fun and sporty adventures.

The E7000 is ideal for tackling countryside or mountain bike trails – you don’t even have to be that experienced. It will quietly power your adventures behind the scenes. And even when the going gets tough, you’ll find your bike remarkably easy to control. You can switch between 3 pedal-assist modes – Eco | Trail | Boost – that are specifically designed for touring mountainous regions. What’s more, they can be further customised to your needs and daily physical state via the E-tube smartphone app.

E8000 – MTB:

For conquering mountains and exploring new trails.

The E8000 was the world’s first dedicated e-bike system for mountain bikes and created specifically for trail riding in alpine areas. It features the most powerful drive unit in the SHIMANO STEPS series yet still delivers a natural riding feel even when heading downhill or facing challenging ascents. And thanks to the drive unit’s compact design, you can have a short chainstay to make your bike more agile and easier to handle – especially on narrow curves. 

The magic behind our components:

Each SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system consists of 4 components – a drive unit, battery, display and drivetrain. Naturally, you can be assured of superb quality, high-end parts and the renowned Shimano technology.

Drive Unit: Boosts speeds up to 25km/h:

Lightweight, powerful and virtually silent, our drive unit features 3 different pedal-assist modes that give you a smooth, natural boost whenever you need it. And as the mid-motor is mounted at the bike’s centre of gravity, your bike will handle like a dream whether you’re cruising or cornering.

Battery: Long-range and long-lasting:

You could ride your bike all day long and never worry about the battery running out of juice: the ultimate freedom*. Even after 1000 charges, it will still be going strong and retain at least 60% capacity. Recharging is also speedy, which is ideal for those who are always on the go. Just plug it in and after 2 to 2.5 hours, it will be charged to 80%**.

* 185km (E5000/E6100) and 100km (E7000/E8000), using ECO mode and a 504Wh battery. 
** Based on using SHIMANO STEPS Battery Charger EC-E6000, which is compatible with all our e-bike systems.

Display: At-a-glance stats:

We’ve made it easy for you to customise what data you view on your display – and how you view it. You can check your speed, distance, gear, trip time, pedal-assist mode and more at a glance – without skipping a beat. You can even connect via E-Tube either a third party display of Garmin or Sigma OR your smartphone with the E-Tube RIDE app.

Drivetrain: Unparalleled performance:

We engineered our Drive Unit using the latest Shimano technology to ensure it works in harmony with every other component on the bike – the crank, chainring, chain, cassette, rear derailleur and internal gear hub. This means you can enjoy smooth and effortless pedalling – without even breaking a sweat.

The next steps…

Try before you buy:

There’s no better way to discover SHIMANO STEPS than to test an e-bike equipped with the system. Just pop into your local dealer and ask if you can take one for a spin. The dealer can also explain more about how each e-bike system works – and how SHIMANO STEPS can be mixed and matched to your needs. 

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