Simply. Better. The 2020 Cervélo P5 has Landed

Simply. Better. The 2020 Cervélo P5 has Landed

Cervélo (Canada) - Press Release: A bike focused entirely on one thing: your performance. We applied years of experience in engineering the fastest aero bikes and real-world testing with our pro athletes. The result is a bike which pushes the boundaries in every way.

Lighter and faster:


Our engineers dedicated countless hours to testing and data crunching to make the P5 not only stiffer and more aero, but lighter as well. A lighter bike accelerates faster and climbs better to give you every possible advantage on the road.   

Revolutionary aerodynamics:


The legendary aerodynamics of the P5 are fine-tuned to create an aero system that is stiffer and lighter than ever before. Its frame shapes, handlebar and fit positions, and design features work together to reduce drag and enhance your efficiency.

Balanced stiffness:


We refined the stiffness of key points of the frame to create a bike which corners better and transfers power more smoothly. You will feel it from your first pedal stroke: a stiff response that inspires you to pedal harder and go faster.

P5 Details:

Speed Riser:

The Speed Riser (patent applied for) is our user-friendly aerobar system for triathlon bikes. The aerodynamic single riser post is easily adjustable to an infinite range of positions with a single tool. This means that you can fully customize your fit, as well as make on-the-fly adjustments to your position.

Modular Storage:

Modular Storage incorporates custom Cervélo parts and approved aftermarket accessories to allow full customization of your storage needs. It enables a secure and aerodynamic solution tailored specifically to your needs and your Cervélo bike.

Aero Cable Management:

The Cervélo frame, fork, handlebars, and associated components are designed to hide brake and shift control lines (mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic) from the wind for improved aerodynamics without sacrificing usability or performance.

No wasted effort:

A combination of material, shape, and lay up are used to engineer the desired stiffness of different parts of the frame. We optimized the stiffness of the head tube, for stable and predictable handling, and the stiffness of the bottom bracket, so that more of your power is directly transferred to your forward momentum.

  • 22% stiffer at head tube than previous generation P5
  • 26% stiffer at bottom bracket than previous generation P5


Less drag, more speed:

Aerodynamics are critical to engineering a fast bike: aero drag accounts for as much as 90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. The P5's frame design and customized tube shapes improve its aerodynamics while enhancing its stiffness, weight, and usability - all in a UCI-legal package.

  • 17 gram aero improvement over the previous generation P5


Real world usability:

The P5 is a dual purpose aero bike designed for success in both time trial and triathlon. We have made it simple and user-friendly to adapt the bike to fit you and your specific needs. From intuitive position adjustments to flexible storage options, you'll be able to seize every possible advantage.

  • The Speed Riser aerobar system is easily adjustable to an infinite range of positions with a single tool
  • Configurable for triathlon setups (lightweight storage bento box and bottle mounts between the arms, on the down tube, and behind the saddle)
  • Accommodates pro rider fits with a long and low handlebar position
  • Accommodates wider tires for better traction and comfort


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