Stop using Animals to promote Bikes and other Cycling Products

Stop using Animals to promote Bikes and other Cycling Products

by Nuno Matos, Founder of

If you are reading this and you use Social Media pages perhaps you noticed that more and more companies are using cut dogs, cute cats and other animals on social media posts.

This is simple to explain… Some Social Media companies changed the algorithms to hide pages’ posts from the followers’ feed and show more and more posts of things that people interact to.

Then “Marketing Experts” from the companies saw that showing pets and other animals increase the number of post views, post clicks, post likes and post comments.

Nowadays is almost impossible to scroll down our feed without seeing animals. And the more animals you post and more people interact with those posts, less and less people will see your bikes and other cycling products.

At the same time people interacting with animal posts does not mean they are interested on your products… perhaps they only like pets and animals. You will not sell more because you have animals posts with a lot of interactions… people will remember the animals, not your brand or products.

Are we all killing the bike industry? Perhaps…

If your company is using or planning to use animals on posts, please don’t. If you see posts with animals please don’t interact with those posts.

I like pets and I like animals, but I do not like seeing companies exploiting them! Please respect the animals and respect the bike industry!

Thank you!

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