Tern Launches New Modular Accessories for Family Biking

Tern Launches New Modular Accessories for Family Biking

Tern (Taiwan) - Urban mobility specialist Tern launched a new collection of modular accessories to make family biking more fun for kids all year round, and more inclusive for pet parents as well. The new accessories work with Tern's award-winning HSD and GSD cargo e-bikes.

"If we want car trips to be replaced by bike trips, we have to make the bicycle more convenient, more safe, and more comfortable for all passengers," stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. "So we've created a range of accessories that make it a whole lot easier to ride with company, whether that's your child or your dog."

Clubhouse Fort Mini:

The Clubhouse Fort system is a collection of three accessories—the Clubhouse Mini, Storm Box Mini, and Storm Shield Mini—that can carry one child in a weather-protected compartment for comfortable all-year riding.

The components of the Clubhouse Fort Mini are modular and allow riders to mix and match the setup according to their needs. For example, the Storm Shield Mini can be quickly removed when not needed, leaving the bike with the Storm Box Mini—a large weather-resistant bucket that carries up to 100L of cargo. That way, mom or dad can easily go shopping on the way back from the school run. Alternatively, parents in warmer climates can just use the Storm Shield Mini for sun protection.

Doghouse Mini:

Pet parents now have a specially-designed solution to bring their favorite companion along on bike rides. The Doghouse Mini is comprised of three different accessories—Clubhouse Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and Dog Roof Mini—that create a safe, protected space for a small or mid-sized dog. The Doghouse Mini includes large mesh panels for ventilation, and the single-layer fabric is designed for easy cleaning. To secure and protect the dog during the ride, the base of the Doghouse includes a pair of safety tethers that can be attached to the dog's harness.

This solution is also modular, and the Dog Roof Mini can be easily removed—allowing the Soft Crate Mini to be used as a grocery hauler. When not in use, the Soft Crate Mini folds flat and can be quickly stored in a bag or the bike panniers.

WeatherTop Bag:

Tern is also launching a waterproof bag designed for the Transporteur Rack and the Hauler Rack—two of Tern's most popular front rack options. The bag serves as a great complement to the Clubhouse Fort Mini and the Doghouse Mini, boosting the bike's front capacity and helping riders carry everything they need when out for a ride with the family.

This durable carryall holds up to 45L, and features recycled waterproof fabric and sonically welded seams. The WeatherTop Bag has two usage modes: Roll-Top Mode for complete protection against the elements, or Bucket Mode for when you just need an easy-access bucket to toss bags and jackets into. Comfortable tote straps make it easy and convenient to carry when off the bike. Specially positioned Fidlock® magnetic buckles and straps keep the bag firmly in place when combined with Tern's recommended front racks.

"We're proud that the WeatherTop marks the first time we've been able to use recycled fabric for a bag," stated Hon. "We're always in search of responsibly-made or recycled fabrics, and it's not always easy to find a fabric that also has the right functional and aesthetic attributes. But it's important to make this effort to minimize our impact on the planet, and the more we and other brands ask for fabrics like this, the more our partners will work to provide it."

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