The M800 is BAFANG’s New Super-Compact Center Drive Unit

The M800 is BAFANG’s New Super-Compact Center Drive Unit

Bafang (China) - One of the smallest and lightest mid motor systems for e-road bikes, e-gravel and e-cyclocross bikes.

Designed for dynamic ride performance, with fully integrated downtube battery, ergonomic handlebar remotes and center-mount display.


Designed for minimal aerodynamic drag, this compact drivetrain will boost you to enjoy ever longer rides. Compact design with lightweight drive unit < 2.3 kg, but high torque output of 55 Nm max.


Integrated InTube battery with up to 200 Wh capacity. High energy density, great range, long service life. Aerodynamic low profile design, lightweight, easy handling, easy to mount, CAN protocol. 


Aerodynamic low profile design. Angle-adjustable screen, aluminium holder, easy to mount, ergonomic satellite shifter pods, CAN protocol.


The perfect responsiveness is managed through three sensors: one torque sensor and two speed sensors work together in perfect harmony.

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