The Merida Reacto Ltd 2020 - Special Edition

The Merida Reacto Ltd 2020 - Special Edition

Merida (Taiwan) - Press Release: MERIDA is always striving to give their customers something unique, something special that showcases the technology and the innovation that goes into our product line-up. In 2018 we created the REACTO SPECIAL EDITION ‘Nordic Lights’ in honour of the 2017 Road World Championships that took place in Oslo/Norway and in 2019 the ‘special edition’ – YOUR CHOICE – followed. Both bikes were an instant success and paved the way for creating further ‘special’ bikes/editions in our line-up. The product year 2020 is not going to be an exception, and we are delighted to present the 2020 REACTO LTD.

But let us start at the beginning. The current REACTO is the 3rd version of our test, and race-winning aero bike, which has been the ‘go-to’ machine for the BAHRAIN MERIDA PRO CYCLING TEAM since its launch. Now going into its 3rd product year, our REACTO is still one of the most advanced and aerodynamic bikes in its class. It impresses with state of the art ‘air slicing’ capabilities and is one of the most comfortable aero bikes on the market. But also, in terms of serviceability, our REACTO is one of the easiest to look after aero bikes in the peloton.

For the 2020 REACTO LTD we have taken the full carbon CF2 frame and not just specced it with a well thought through componentry package, but more importantly, have given it a unique look and appearance.

The design is inspired by architecture, modern interior design and the relationship between light and dark. It shows its beauty with clear and straight shapes; a fluid interaction between shapes and geometry. The keen-eyed observer will notice the arrangement of three rectangles on the head tube, positioned one above the other, fitting seamlessly into the geometric design aesthetic, while also, based on the oldest Chinese classic text I Ching*, symbolising ‘power’.

The design clearly demonstrates speed, power and performance and the fitted components reflect this eagerness perfectly.

The REACTO LTD comes fitted with a complete ULTEGRA Di2 drivetrain and ULTEGRA disc brakes. MERIDA’s DISC COOLER technology keep things cool on longer descends and extreme braking situations. MERIDA’s lightweight EXPERT stem, saddle (with an integrated toolbox and mini tool), through axle (with integrated 4/6 mm Allen key) and handlebar keep things perfectly controlled and comfortable. The S-FLEX seat post, with integrated rear light, contributes hugely to the ride comfort of the REACTO. And last but not least, the special edition REYNOLDS AR 58 DB wheels with a custom design.

The REACTO LTD – an overall concept that combines technical innovation, perfectly chosen components and a striking design, all into one.

The REACTO LTD is available from December 2019.

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