Top E-Bike Routes in the U.S.

Top E-Bike Routes in the U.S.

[Article]: Riding an electric bike is not just an eco-friendly way to commute to work but also an excellent way to discover the best scenic routes and trails America offers. The United States has thousands of roads and trails open to e-bikes, including many national parks and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas.

Whether you recently purchased a brand-new e-bike or found a high-quality used electric bike for sale, discover the top five e-bike routes in the United States.

1.Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, California

The Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail is a popular pathway located along the coast of Monterey Bay in Central California. The bike trail’s starting point is located in Castroville, CA, also known as the Artichoke Center of the World, about 120 miles south of San Francisco.

Following the trail will take you on a ride just under 20 miles long with beautiful bay views. You will pass through Hayes Park and Sand City, past Roberts Lake, and into the coastal town of Monterey, CA.

In Monterey, the trail passes through Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row, popular attractions with many shops and restaurants. The endpoint is at the famous Lovers Point, one of the town’s most popular and picturesque locations, known for its amazing sunrise views over the ocean.

The trail is a relatively easy ride with mild elevation changes, making it accessible regardless of the type of electric bike you have.

Route details:

  • Starting point: Castroville, CA
  • Ride length: 18 miles
  • Surface: Paved road
  • Ideal for: City and road electric bikes

2. Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, Idaho:

If you are an adventurous rider who enjoys long-distance trails, look no further than the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes in the Idaho Panhandle. However, only class I and II e-bikes are permitted on the bike path.

This 73-mile trail begins in Mullan, ID, in the heart of the Silver Valley. It then proceeds west, roughly following along Interstate 90 until Pine Creek. Past that point, the trail crosses the Coeur d’Alene River multiple times until you reach the scenic views of Harrison Slough and its surrounding lakes.

From there, the path will take you riding along the edge of the lake, across the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes Bridge, and continue west until you reach the endpoint in Plummer, ID.

The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes is an excellent way to enjoy new or used, affordable electric bikes for a multi-day trip. It is also an impressive showcase of iconic Idaho vistas, where you can expect to see the state’s most beautiful lakes, mountains, historic mines, railroads, rustic towns, and local wildlife.

Route details:

  • Starting point: Mullan, ID
  • Ride length: 73.2 miles
  • Surface: Paved road
  • Ideal for: Long-distance road electric bikes

3. North Pathway, Wyoming:

The North Pathway route starts in Jackson, WY, then follows Highway 191 north. Riders will experience the stunning landscape of the Jackson Hole Valley under the Grand Teton mountain range and through a National Elk Refuge.

The route will take you past Flat Creek, one of Wyoming’s most popular fishing spots. You will then cross the Snake River, pass through Beaver Creek, and ride up scenic Teton Park Road. E-bike riders can see the state’s natural scenery on well-maintained paved trails all the way to the pathway’s endpoint.

The North Pathway route ends near the Jenny Lake Visitor Center in the middle of the Grand Teton National Park. From there, riders can learn more about local geology or continue their ride onto the connecting Jenny Lake Trail.

The North Pathway is the ideal trail for electric bike enthusiasts looking to experience an authentic slice of the Western United States.

Route details:

  • Starting point: Jackson, WY
  • Ride length: 20 miles
  • Surface: Paved road
  • Ideal for: Long-distance city and road electric bikes

4. Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, Colorado:

The Pikes Peak Greenway Trail is located in Colorado Springs, CO, in the heart of the Rockies. Although it is a popular destination for riders on its own, it is also a connecting trail at both ends, linking to New Santa Fe Regional Trail to the north and Fountain Creek Regional Trail to the south.

This 15-mile multi-surface ride begins a few miles south of Davis Airfield, home to the U.S. Air Force Academy. It then takes e-bike riders across historic Colorado Springs, crossing the entire town from north to south. Expect to ride on road, asphalt, dirt, rock, and other mixed surfaces, making it the ideal playground for electric mountain bikes (eMTBs). However, only class I e-bikes are currently allowed on the trails in Colorado Springs.

The trail passes through America the Beautiful Park in downtown Colorado Springs. It ends at the town’s southern edge near El Pomar Youth Sports Park, providing mountain bikers numerous opportunities to enjoy relaxing green spaces.

Route details:

  • Starting point: Colorado Springs, CO
  • Ride length: 15 miles
  • Surface: Multiple
  • Ideal for: Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs)

5. Pine Creek Rail Trail, Pennsylvania:

The Pine Creek Rail Trail, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, is one of the most picturesque destinations of the Keystone State. Whether you are a Northern Pennsylvania resident or a tourist looking for an extended trip through the state’s most scenic views, the Pine Creek Rail Trail offers over 60 miles of trail to ride.

The Pine Creek Rail Trail begins north of Stokesdale, PA, and ends in Jersey Shore, PA, near the west branch of the Susquehanna River. Most of the trail’s road surface is finely crushed limestone. While it provides a smoother ride than dirt or gravel, bringing a sturdy hybrid e-bike or an electric mountain bike is recommended to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Ensure that your e-bike is only a class I, as Pennsylvania prohibits class II and III e-bikes on state forest trails.

The trail continues south after crossing the town of Ansonia, PA, seven miles after the starting point. You will then follow the path of the Pine Creek River, leading you through a scenic, mile-wide gorge. The trail borders multiple local parks, including Colton Point State Park and Leonard Harrison State Park, and has many lodging facilities, campgrounds, and other amenities for riders.

Route details:

  • Starting point: Stokesdale, PA
  • Ride length: 62 miles
  • Surface: Crushed stone
  • Ideal for: Hybrid electric bikes and electric mountain bikes (eMTB).

Go for an Unforgettable Ride on an Electric Bike:

Riding an e-bike is one of the most exciting ways to discover America’s most beautiful trails and landscapes. E-bikes also let you choose between enjoying the scenery or exercising as hard as you want. Electric bikes are also 100% emissions-free, allowing you to enjoy the scenery in a respectful and eco-friendly manner.


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