tune's New Aluminium Seatpost

tune's New Aluminium Seatpost
tune (Germany) – "The inspiration for our aluminium seatpost "LEICHTES STÜCK" is encountered in everyday life, for example in the form of half-timbered houses, tower cranes and bridge structures. The construction of the tower crane is the most impressive", explained tune.

"A narrow crane tower with a relatively long, overhanging boom. Who was not impressed, as a child, that the crane would not collapse or fall? Among other things, this kind of design is possible by a special arrangement of the struts", they added.

On this kind of technique is based tune's new "LEICHTES STÜCK" seatpost. The cut-outs according to this principle enable them to achieve a weight saving of 40 grams without sacrificing stability and stiffness. For this, tune even accept a 20-minute longer milling time on their 4-axis CNC machine.

  • 27,2x420 - 172g
  • 27,2x340 - 155g

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