Ultimate Fun On the Trails – The New ROTWILD R.X735

Ultimate Fun On the Trails – The New ROTWILD R.X735

Rotwild (Germany) - Agility, stamina and an extra boost of power: ROTWILD presents its new R.X735. Initially conceived as an All Mountain bike, it combines the qualities of the AGGRESSIVE series – a light weight and robustness for trail riding – with an extra boost of power from a larger battery. Oh and incidentally, it also looks fabulous, guaranteeing that riders will cut quite a dash, regardless of the terrain they are on.

The new E-MTB from ROTWILD loves the altitude, more precisely the altitude meters. Whether tangible low mountain ranges, rugged Alps or gentle wooded hills on the plain - the ambitious rider gets with the R.X735 exactly the bike with which she or he can master their own sporting challenges. Whether it's steadily uphill or racing downhill on the trail, it's a true all-mountain. "The bike is the latest member of our AGGRESSIVE Series. This is aimed at riders whose style and riding style is characterized by high agility and who are looking for an efficient bike with good handling for this purpose," emphasizes ROTWILD CEO Peter Schlitt. "We are therefore very proud that with R.X735 we have succeeded in creating a loyal companion for our clientele."

Geometry in harmony with weight and performance:

As is the case with all ROTWILD bikes, it all started with a wish: to develop a bike that constantly carries riders a bit further in their sporting development. Specifically, the R.X735 sets out to combine aggressive performance with light weight and power. The balanced frame is the stable core of this idea, the geometry of the entire bike its execution. ROTWILD Engineering has evolved the weight-optimised approach of the AGGRESSIVE series in its development and, coupled with its geometry, has succeeded in designing an all-round bike. The R.X735 thus boasts more power and features the Shimano EP8 drive. The Integrated Power Unit (IPU), formed by the drive and battery, has an effective power of 720 watt hours. ‘The more powerful battery gives our riders a range boost. That way they don't have to worry about their dwindling power supply’, continues Peter Schlitt.

Reduced weight despite a larger battery:

A larger battery means more weight. Nonetheless, the L size of the ‘735’ weighs in at around 21 kilogrammes and is not really noticeably heavier than the other bikes in the range. This is all thanks to its flat frame design, a defining characteristic of the AGGRESSIVE series. The flat 65.5-degree steering angle guarantees outstanding safety at high speeds. The longer wheelbase and reach lets riders perfectly shift their centre of gravity, preventing them from being thrown out of the saddle in extreme riding conditions. The steeper seat angle in relation to the shorter top tube length demands a more central seat position. Combined with a longer wheelbase, this ensures a more central weight distribution. Uphill and downhill. The frame is also made throughout of high-modulus carbon fibre. ROTWILD Engineering and the supplier worked closely on the development of the special layup and final production. The bike boasts 29" wheels.

The off-road expert:

Neither dwindling power nor the terrain should get in the way of continuous riding enjoyment. Quite the contrary: the R.X735 is clearly designed for riders who always want to ride ‘just one more loop’ at the end of a ride. The ‘735’ is perfect for all off-road riding – for long tours, tackling steep ascents, and even technically challenging trails. ‘It's probably the most versatile All Mountain we’ve ever built’, adds Peter Schlitt. The bike’s overall concept ensures confident yet fun handling on technically demanding downhill sections. At the same time, you cannot fail to be impressed with its efficient and individually adjustable assistance on steeper terrain. The 150-millimetre suspension travel is the guarantee for uncompromising riding enjoyment on the most diverse tracks and trails, making the R.X735 an all-rounder in the truest sense.

Feel like it?

The bike is available in the equipment variants CORE, PRO and ULTRA and the 4 frame sizes S, M, L and XL.

Own impressions, test rides and comprehensive advice at any of our certified ROTWILD dealers.

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