Vertik - turn the light on your passion

Vertik -  turn the light on your passion

Vadolibero (Italy) - Press Release: A dazzling new entry in the unique design collection dedicated to cyclists: our iconic handlebar logo turns into a stunning lamp that illuminates the surroundings and celebrates the beauty of the bike. More than that, Vertik displays the bicycle upright, with a relevant space-saving benefit.

Much more than a lamp:
More and more people around the globe today store their beautiful bikes inside, even in the living room: cycling is their passion and they want to declare it to the world. But as not all cyclists are lucky enough to live in a mansion, space-saving solutions are very much welcomed. Vertik is the answer: not only it's a breath-taking floor lamp that stands out in any surrounding and illuminates the room with a beautiful light, but as a freestanding bike display, it stores the bicycle upright, enhancing the frame design and... saving a lot of space. A radical innovation.

A luminous sculpture:

Vertik lamp stem - shaped as our handlebar logo - is made of satin aluminium on one side and plexiglass on the other half, illuminated by a LED string: it casts a dimmable neutral light in the surroundings, highlighting the beauty of the bicycle. Its base, made of dark silver hand-varnished rigid polyurethane, sits on a revolving metal apparatus: it allows to direct the lampshade according to your needs. And it makes it easier to park the bike, you just turn it around to accomodate the wheel and then turn it back in the right position.

It fits all bicycles:

Vertik revolving dome-shaped base has a groove in the middle, designed to fit all kinds of wheels, from track bikes' to MTB's. A spheric cap embellishes the stem's junction, enhancing the base flexuous rounded shape.

Adjustable support:

Once the back wheel is placed in the base groove, you just lift your bike upright and figure out the correct position of the provided leather covered metal pin that has to support the fork. Then you just screw it in the suitable threaded hole once for all (unless you decide to change your bike, of course).

The leather strap:

Before screwing the pin in the convenient threaded hole, you tuck it in the leather fork strap: it's provided with several black automatic buttons. You just wrap the strap around the fork and close the button. Thanks to its adjustable length, it securely blocks all kind of bikes.

Use your finger:

A high-tech touch sensor switch lets you dimmer the floor lamp brightness. You tap on it to switch Vertik on and off, while you can dimmer its luminosity by pressing the sensor with your finger. When the floor lamp is switched on, a luminous blue dot points out the sensor.

100% made in Italy:

As all creations by Vadolibero, Vertik is produced by the well-known Italian furniture supplier chain, in the heart of the high-end design district. Skilled craftmanship and premium materials make it a unique product meant to last a lifetime.

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