We stopped posting to Facebook

We stopped posting to Facebook

Today, August 21, 2019, is the day of our last post on Facebook.

We have over 800 “followers” following us because they are interested in our project, but Facebook understands that it is better not to show them our posts. Looking back over the past few months, we can see that on average less than 10% of our followers have seen what we post.

Let's make the following analogy - If Facebook were a shopping mall… what would it be like? This mall has free shops for every business that wants to be there, ensuring that the mall has millions of people from all over the world walking the corridors all any time (some never leave). The problem is that if these businesses do not put cute kittens and dogs in the show windows of their free shops or if they do not pay for advertising, the windows of these businesses are always closed, invisible to those who pass by.

Some questions come up immediately… What are the Like / Follow buttons for anyway? Are people deciding what they want to “follow” and “see” or is it Facebook?

If Facebook decides which posts are shown or hidden from people's Feeds, in practice it may be deciding which businesses are successful and which businesses are doomed to failure. Especially if the business is 100% dependent on this social network for its online presence…

Is the way Facebook works misleading? Is it ethical? Is it Legal? It's up to each person to decide… we have already decided and, as long as it works like this, we don't publish anymore!

If you like bikes, if you really like our project and the work we have been doing for the past 2,5 years, visit and use our website https://BikeToday.news so that we can continue online for many more years.

Nuno Matos.

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