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It was clear from the beginning that ARC8 should not be your classic bike brand. We want to offer an alternative for people who are bored to ride a standard bike off the peg, by making custom bikes more affordable. Being bicycle enthusiasts and not salesmen, we are committed to making the bikes that you want to ride a reality. Every person is different, and so should be bikes. Configure your ARC8 the way you want it, or build it starting from a frameset.

The two founders of ARC8, Serafin Pazdera and Jonas Mueller, spent much of their youth together, as classmates, bicycle messengers or when getting their snowboarding instructor degrees. 

But then their ways split, Serafin went into graphic design and web development, while Jonas studied mechanical engineering and developed frames for well-known bicycle brands. When Jonas decided to start his own company and asked Serafin about creating a web site to promote his engineering services, it soon became clear that together they could do much more. So that was where ARC8 started.

It was clear from the beginning that ARC8 should not be your classic bike brand. At the heart of our brand are the riders. Supplying them with the best possible material is our mission.

All our frames are developed by BETA with one primary goal: maximum rider benefit. This means we can offer you reliable designs, lightweight frames and all the features you need, but no extra gimmicks for marketing purposes. Our component choices follow the same philosophy: every component is chosen to offer the best performance.

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