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We’re a dyad of bike industry mortals who have pedaled a lot of miles on roads, dirt and trails. Along the way, we’ve worn a lot of socks. Though trends change, there are design forms with staying power; building blocks to forms we know and love today. That’s why we’re incorporating mid-century modern designs and colors into our freshly minted socks. Mid-mod is fresh. It came. It lounged about in attics and flea markets. It returned. And unlike a neglected pack of premium saltines, it never got stale.

And remember!

Our socks were made for cycling but you’ll probably want to wear them while participating in everyday life. Yes, we know we said that once already.

So be rad[ish]and get freshly minted. Today.


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Freshly minted socks for cyclists and the discerning pursuant of knit finery.

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