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You could say that everyone here at UNNO has a little something of you within us, yes, that’s right, even you. Every single one of us that works here has something in common with you, that philosophy of life that you try to explain to everyone. We have the same passion for mountain biking as you and the same feelings every time we’re riding. That’s why UNNO is closer to you than you think. But you can’t design the best bikes in the world just from passion. 50 fanatics more work to polish out every detail. You could say that our frames are hand made, but that’s nothing new. But what if we said that our frames are 100% made in house, here at our offices in Barcelona and all the raw material used is refined with our own hands inside these four walls, maybe that would get your attention. At UNNO everything is controlled so you experience the most sensorial part. For the last 10 years we have been designing some of the best suspension systems on the market. We created Forward Geometry as well as the Zero suspension system for Mondraker, because we believed in it. They did too. But now it’s our moment. It’s your moment. We want that when you see your UNNO frame for the first time, you are able to feel the whole process behind every piece of carbon. We want you to feel the same as every one of us when we convert passion into reason. Feel the process, feel yourself part of UNNO.

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