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Vvolt E-Mobility (United States)

Hello, we are Vvolt!

Some of us have been riding for decades, and some of us are just starting now. Some of us ride to work, and some of us like to take the bus or drive. Some of us are mostly gray, and some of us are just getting started. We're from the east coast, Europe, the west coast, and Asia. 

Despite all our differences, we're united in making everyday individual transportation better. We share a vision: one where all people have easy access to safe, human-scale e–mobility that drives human, community, and planetary health. The diversity in our backgrounds and experiences provides multiple perspectives with which we shape innovative solutions to overcome the different barriers people face with e-mobility and transportation.

Vvolt's headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. Our city is well-known for its continued investment in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, having earned Gold and Platinum awards for cycling-friendliness from the League of American Bicyclists. We continue to have above-average rates of bicycle and ebike commuting along with multimodal mass transit, so we’ve seen for ourselves that better, lower-carbon transportation solutions are possible!

Portland also hosts an amazing community of designers and makers in the tech, cycling and apparel industries. The cross-pollination from these communities and their associated creative support businesses enhances our passion for innovation and prompts us to excel and earn our place among the brands that influence how we ride, what we wear and how we power our digital technologies.

Vvolt was founded in 2019 by Kyle Ranson, an avid cyclist and 20-year veteran in the high tech sector. Ebikes have been growing in popularity, but growth in the United States has been following the same direction as the established cycling industry: inaccessible pricing and maintenance, advanced rider focused functionality and performance, or exclusionary promotion and positioning.

Ebikes and other human-scale, electric transportation can be better. We can make small EVs that are easier to ride, easier to maintain, and more affordable. Electric mobility can work for more bodies and levels of ability. It could be for everyone. We think it should be for everyone. The more people that have access to riding and find it appealing, the bigger difference we can make in reviving and improving our communities and planet. We're a small team passionate about making this reality for everyone.

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