Introducing the New Quarq DZero DUB - Stronger, Stiffer and Lighter

Introducing the New Quarq DZero DUB - Stronger, Stiffer and Lighter

Quarq (United States) - Press Release: Quarq DZero DUB Power Meters.

We are excited to annouce our latest power meter platform - the QUARQ DZERO DUB.

The same great DZero technology packed into our spider based power meter now combined with SRAM's DUB™ technology with the crank arms. Bringing you a stronger, stiffer, and lighter power meter.

With this hardware upgrade, we have also launched a new firmware to introduce MagicZero™ - automatic calibration of your power meter as you ride. No need to back pedal or manually calibrate with your headunit.

Quarq’s DZero platform brought you one of the most accurate and innovative power meters. And now, with the addition of SRAM’s DUB™ technology, the Quarq DZero DUB power meters are lighter, stiffer, and stronger than ever.

With a simple selection of the power meter spider that works best with your bike and a crank arm assembly of your choice in length, you can now power every ride.

New Features:

  • DUB™ crank arm assemblies – stronger, stiffer, lighter.
  • A simplified product line – choose a power meter spider and preferred crank arm length
  • MagicZero™ – automatic calibration as you ride. No need to back pedal or manually calibrate through your headunit



DZero is packed with 10 years of technical innovations and 150 documented technology iterations. Now combined with SRAM’s DUB™ technology – stronger, stiffer, lighter.

The Heart Of Your Bicycle:

The sole job of the crankset is to convert the effort from both legs to forward motion. It is the perfect place to measure power.

Designed To Make You Faster:

Quarq’s direct force power meters measure what wins races — total power output from both legs — with 1.5% accuracy.

Built To Last:

All power meters have an IPX7 waterproof rating. They feature a 2-year warranty, free firmware updates and acclaimed worldwide support.

Simplified Products. Simplified Use:

With MagicZero™ - automatic calibration as you ride - you no longer need to backpedal or manually calibrate your headunit.

10K Temperature Compensation:

Each power meter is programmed with over 10,000 data points to eliminate temperature effects on power measurement.

A Companion Digital Wrench:

With the SRAM AXS app you can set the zero offset, check battery voltage, run diagnostics and perform firmware updates.

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