Ketl Fairweather Glove - Balance Between Breathability and Durability

Ketl Fairweather Glove - Balance Between Breathability and Durability

Ketl Mountain Apparel (United States) - Press Release: We set out to create brilliantly designed gloves with just the right thoughtful features. Comfort, breathability, durability & most importantly. Magic powers. The world has yet to see gloves that have magic powers. Ours may or may not but they do have...

  • Lightweight breathable top fabric. Hands stay cool in the heat yet protected when you crash.
  • Durable, protective palm & fingers. 
  • Wrap-over fingertips - Seams in the right places, not the wrong ones. 
  • Microfleece thumb wipe for your phone / glasses. 
  • Slip-on cuff that fits snug & won't stretch out. 
  • Grippy index finger for maximum braking control.
  • The perfect fit for when your hand is wrapped around a bar, not stretched straight out.
  • Tailored to create less bunching in the palm. 

Are these just the right gloves for any handlebar? We think so. Durable & sturdy enough for a motocross rip, light & breathable enough for a mountain bike epic. These gloves will last through crashes, help you scroll through Instagram as you descend through the trees & fit like a glove.


  • Lightweight, breathable top fabric
  • Less bunching in the palm
  • Magical powers
  • Durable palm and fingers
  • Grippy index finger for maximum braking control
  • Hands stay cool in the heat

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