LEOMO Launches Popular Remote Bike-Fitting Service for TYPE-S/TYPE-R Owners in Japan

LEOMO Launches Popular Remote Bike-Fitting Service for TYPE-S/TYPE-R Owners in Japan

Leomo (United States) - Press Release: LEOMO Inc. is now offering its new Remote Bike-Fitting Service for LEOMO motion analysis device owners in Japan, and it will soon extend the service to customers in the U.S.

LEOMO Inc. launched its innovative Remote Bike-Fitting Service in Japan in September and in the U.S. in November, utilizing its wearable motion analysis technology via the rental of a TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro kit, and is now making the service available to owners of LEOMO TYPE-S and TYPE-R devices. LEOMO plans to launch the Remote Bike-Fitting Service in Europe in early 2021.

Since we launched our TYPE-S device, we have received feedback from owners who want to learn more about how to view, analyze and interpret the data, and this service is the next step. LEOMO has worked with top international athletes, coaches and partners in triathlon and cycling (including WorldTour teams) to gain expert know-how on how to interpret and utilize motion data in training and racing. As one of our service developments, we want to provide this know-how and Remote Bike-Fitting Service to our loyal customers and LEOMO device owners.

Utilizing LEOMO’s revolutionary technology and its expertise in cycling form data, the new service allows all levels of cyclists and triathletes to fine-tune their position and movements to achieve optimal performance without having to visit a bike shop. This is especially helpful for LEOMO TYPE-S/TYPE-R owners who don’t live near a bike shop or bike-fitting studio or where Covid-19 precautions have closed bike-fitting operations.

The remote bike-fitting service utilizes LEOMO’s next-level cycling metrics that optimize body position and pedaling form with five motion sensors. Our service gives guidance to riders to perform the measurement process while on their road bike or triathlon/TT bike on a smart trainer.

After data collection, the measurements are shared on the Internet for the LEOMO analysis team to provide expert assessment and advice on how to improve positioning based on LEOMO Motion Performance Indicator data. The optimal bike position and improved strength specific to that position can help stabilize a cyclist’s pelvic movement and pedaling motion, optimize the range of motion of the hip joint and maximize power output.

Traditional bike-fitting methods using coefficients, over-the-counter services using cumbersome harnesses, and empirical and sensory settings have been used to measure and set saddle heights. With this new remote service, LEOMO will provide cyclists and triathletes with their own benchmark and starting point for those who do not have a standard value. In addition, experienced riders will have more room to improve their performance with the saddle height and setback position based on motion analysis.

LEOMO has set up packages for existing TYPE-S/TYPE-R owners that include multiple refits, including a three-month and a six-month fitting pack. This new service that allows you to check for optimum position on a regular basis at a low price as you experience changes in fitness and performance as you approach target races.

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